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Greenhouse Company in Kenya

Greenhouse Company in Kenya

One of the top greenhouse company in Kenya is Aqua Hub. We provide our clients the best services as a greenhouse business in Kenya. Our greenhouses are reasonably priced and of excellent quality. Our greenhouse cost and pricing in Kenya depend on the unit’s size, design, and building materials. On the basis of this, we have the choice of a cheap greenhouse made of timber, also known as a wooden greenhouse in Kenya. Alternatively, the more costly steel greenhouse

The best greenhouse in Kenya

We provide greenhouses in a range of shapes and sizes, both made of metal and wood. Metal greenhouses feature a tunnel shape, whereas wooden greenhouses have an A-frame style. Our greenhouses have sturdy, 4.5-meter-tall frames that are made with high-quality materials for long-term usage. We create greenhouses to accommodate particular climatic conditions.

We cover greenhouse buildings with nets in hotter climes to allow for ventilation. To help retain heat in cold locations, we wrap the bulk of the surface with polythene. The greenhouse polythene from Aqua Hub has a 6-year lifespan and a 3-year manufacturing guarantee. To help with heat retention, we use three layers of polythene in our covering. To withstand the strongest sunlight, they have UV protection, air pockets, and Antidrip features.

Materials for greenhouse construction in Kenya

Most wooden greenhouses are built with poles that the farmer either provides or may purchase. Before being used, the poles must first be treated with a wood preservative or oil. Other components for wooden greenhouses include cement, sand, bug net, barbed wire for trellising, and nails. Drip irrigation system and UV-treated polythene greenhouse covers are additional greenhouse components. Metal greenhouses, on the other hand, can be built from pure galvanized steel or coated to keep the metal from rusting.

To keep the crops from being suffocated, the greenhouse must have good ventilation. Additionally, ventilation makes sure that infections and pests don’t accumulate. This is accomplished by setting up roll-up or side curtains, which are opened during the hotter parts of the day and closed at night. It is constructed with a net on the inside to let air in while keeping insect pests from coming inside.

Greenhouse materials used in structures

The structure, which includes the columns, beams, straps, etc. that support the roof, wind, rain, snow, placed devices that overburden trellising plants, etc., is the framework of the greenhouse. The amount of shading and internal flexibility should be maintained to a minimum. The following requirements must be met by greenhouse structures:

  • They ought to be both light and sturdy.
  • Cheap and simple-to-care-for materials.
  • Capable of being prolonged.
  • Optimally fill the surface.
  • Modular and adaptable to different materials.

Depending on their intended function, the following materials are most frequently used to make greenhouse structures:

Pillars, supports and reinforcementswood
galvanized steel,
iron and aluminum
straps and beamsgalvanized steel,
iron and aluminum
Archesgalvanized steel or
foundation supports or foundation basesConcrete
securing the coverGalvanized wire
or profiles galvanized steel or aluminum,
depending on the type of greenhouses.
Canalsgalvanized steel
or aluminum
Crop wiregalvanized steel
or aluminum and galvanized wire

Greenhouse Material used for cover

The transmission of solar radiation, transparency to infrared or thermal radiation, and heat transfer of the materials used to make the cover are the most essential features that characterize it.

Plastic Filmspolyethylene copolímeto ethylene vinyl acetate
polyvinyl chloride plastics and multilayer
Rigid plasticsMethyl polymethacrylate
VentilationShade nets

Greenhouse Prices in Kenya

We have greenhouses ranging from different sizes. The sizes range from 8 × 15 m, 8 × 24 m, 8 × 30 m, and 16 × 30 m for both wooden and metallic greenhouses. The prices vary according to the sizes and the type of greenhouse.


Looking for a greenhouse company in Kenya? Well, look no more. The well-known and highly suggested dealer and national greenhouse company in Kenya is Aqua Hub Limited. Please call us at NAIROBI: 0790719020 or ELDORET: 0759372241 if you need dam liner services.


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