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Aqua Hub is a leading greenhouse company in Kenya and also an irrigation company in Kenya.

Aqua Hub offers durable and affordable Greenhouses in Kenya, and irrigation systems in Kenya.

We also offer durable dam lining (Damliners) solutions, agricultural nets (shade nets for nurseries) and low cost seedling trays (propagation trays) in Kenya.

Greenhouse farming in Kenya is on the rise due to changes in climatic conditions. Most Kenyan farmers prefer Greenhouse tomato farming, greenhouse capsicum farming, greenhouse cocumber farming and general greenhpouse horticultural crops.

The leading types include metallic (galvanized) and wooden structures.

Aqua hub is the leading greenhouse supplier in Kenya and greenhouse construction company.

We also do greenhouse repair and maintenance at an affordable price. We are located in NAIROBI: 0790719020 | ELDORET: 0759372241. CONTACT US 

The standard size in the Kenya market are 8*15 meters, 8*24 meters, 8*30 meters, 10*30 meters and 16*30 meters.

The type of crops ideal for greenhouse are capsicum (colored), tomatoes, cucumber, and vegetables.

A simple greenhouse consists of the following Greenhouse polythene (200 microns), ventilation chamber (netting), steel/wooden structure, drip kits with a filtration unit, control valves and main pipes.

Dripline is a flexible perforated pipe with emitters that leaks water to the specific base of the crop or area intended to. It’s mainly used in irrigation and greenhouse farming.

Driplines are available in 15 cm, 20 cm and 30 cm with different thickness ranging from 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm.

Drip irrigation is based on the size of the farm and the topography of the land. In large lands where the force of gravity cannot be used, the farmer may resolve to use of low pressure to boost the water through emitters, otherwise gravity works.

Drips durability is based on the farm’s management practices. It last up to 5 years upon good management.

– Saves water.

– Efficient.

– Reduction of disease spread.

– Affordable.

– Uniformity in production.

Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best irrigation systems kitchen gardens, 1/4, 1/2, 1 and a lot of acres.

– Calculate crop population.

– The size of the land.

– The source of water.

– Calculate the volume of water needed.

– Contact Aqua Hub for site visit.

– Procure the irrigation materials quoted.

– Install your system.

Dam liner is an organic, cross-linked binding polymer crystal, specifically designed for applications such as dam sealing and general site water management. It is an easy to use, environmentally friendly product that is capable of instantly sealing dams and other porous materials.

Damliners can be cyndrical, square or rectangular. Calculating the volume or size of the damliner needed one need the length, width and height/radius of the area. Contact Aqua hub prefessionals with the dimensions and get the quote.

Damliners are UV treated, hence they can last up to 10/30 years depending on the material and thickness of the damliner.

Shade nets are nylon like fabric nets that are UV stabilized and are used to protect crops from direct sunlight, strong wind and hail stones.

Shade nets are used in nursery propagation and large plantation of heat vulnerable crops

Shade nets are available in different filtration rates and meshes; 30%, 55%, 75% and 90%. The only waterproof shade nets are car pack shade nets, which are 100%.

The durability of shade net depends on the mesh used. It can last up to 5 years.

Shade nets are either green or black in color. Car pack shade nets however comes in different colors green, red, brown etc.

Greenhouse polythene uses the trapped solar heat to be used while shade net retains the penetrated heat to be used and helps in the protection and exposure from direct sunlight.

It is a type of sprinkler that rises from the ground when the system is activated and returns when it is turned off. It is ideal for lawn irrigation.

It is designated to pop up as the name suggest when the system is turned on and retracts when the system is turned off.

– 1/2 inch – 2500/=

– 3/4 inch – 3200/=

– 1 inch – 10500/=

Pop up sprinklers come in three basic types; spray irrigation heads and spray rotary sprinkler heads, bubbler irrigation heads, and drip or soaker systems.

Aqua Hub Kenya provides the best quality and affordable pop up sprinklers in Kenya.

The average pressure required for pop up sprinkler is 30psi.

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Aqua-Hub Kenya is a renowned irrigation and greenhouse construction enterprise in Kenya.
Aqua-Hub Kenya is the leading provider of greenhouse and irrigation systems in Kenya. For all of your farm inputs and management procedures, we are a dependable source.