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Welcome to Aqua Hub your number one stop for Greenhouse and Irrigation Systems.

We are experts in the provision of greenhouse and irrigation materials, as well as the creation of custom and complex agricultural projects. We are a professional group with years of experience guiding projects from conception to completion.
Our cutting-edge agri-technology solutions enable the year-round production of a wide range of crops. We have the most advanced water management solutions for water storage, distribution, and quality irrigation systems.

We are Kenya’s top-rated greenhouse and irrigation company.

Our clients can benefit from our agricultural irrigation products, which are based on our extensive knowledge in sophisticated agri-technology and irrigation. Various custom-made solutions, including as installation kits for fertigation, irrigation, and greenhouses, are available in our inventory.
Irrigation packages for orchards and coffee plantations are another something we do. We also provide water management systems that are customized to meet the needs of our customers.

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