Rain Pipe Irrigation System

Rain Pipe Irrigation System

Rain Pipes / Rain Hose Irrigation System in Kenya

Rain Pipe / Rain Hose Irrigation System technology is the massive method that the farmers have adopted. It’s a flexible drip pipe with even holes that emits water. This method is rated, and its efficiency has enabled farmers to do large irrigation projects for plants such as onions, garlic, and vegetables.

Aqua Hub Kenya offers the best quality UV Treated Rain pipes at affordable prices for farmers. 

Components of Rain Pipe Irrigation System

  1. Main Pipe ( Preferably bigger in size than the rain hose)
  2. Start Connector
  3. Rubber ( To curb leakages )
  4. Endline plug ( To stop and build pressure in the hose pipe )

Rain pipe is readily available for all farmers who embrace pressure pumps for farming. The rain hose system uses force that is equivalent to the length of the hose. for 30 meter hose, the power needed is significantly not the same as the one for 100m 

Rain Hose Stock

Our rain pipes are available from 1 inch to 1,1/2 Inches with the length of 30 and 50 m.

In case of a long trench, we join our rain pipes using special connectors with rings on both ends.

Our technicians are up to date on various metrics and new installation techniques required for rain hose irrigation.

 How to Install Rain Pipes 
  1. Lay the main pipe in the required position and angles 
  2. Manually make the holes in the direction of the rain hose according to the crop spacing and distribution per bed
  3. Insert the rubber and the connector to the main pipe 
  4. Stretch the rain pipe in the specified farm to be irrigated 
  5. Before closing the end plugs on the rain hose and the main pipe run the flush the particles from the system
  6. Insert the plugs at the end of the rain pipes and the main pipes 
  7. Add a control system for the rain hose system to allow the correct water flow.
  8. Connect your pump to your water source and open the control valve to test the system
  9. Correct the few mistakes arising from the installation
  10. Enjoy farming with a rain pipes system  
Is Rain Pipe Durable? 

Our rain pipe is UV-Treated and can work for more than four years depending on management practices.

Can Rain Pipe be re-used?

Rain pipes can be re-used. The farm manager can roll them backward upon harvesting to ensure they are helpful in the next farming circle. 

What are Rain Hose Prices in Kenya?
Size  Length   Price  
32 mm 50 m          3,400
40 mm 50 m          4,700
50 mm 50 m          5,500
Where is Aqua Hub Kenya Located?

Nairobi, Eastern Bypass -Utawala near Lexo petrol station and Eldoret Annex near Moi University School of Law

Contact us through: NAIROBI: 0790719020 | ELDORET: 0759372241