Water Pumps

Diesel Water Pumps in Kenya

Diesel Water Pumps in Kenya

Water pumps are used for pumping water from a source to a destination. They are also used to transfer liquids from one location to another. They are commonly found in homes, farms, and factories as well as in large public water systems. Diesel Water Pumps in Kenya from Aqua Hub Kenya are ideal for Kenya farmers.

Diesel & Petrol Water pumps by Aqua Hub Kenya

Caltons UK, 14 HP

Features of Caltons UK, 14 HP

  • Its outlet is 3 Inches
  • The pump’s head is 95 Metres
  • Flow rate 35,000 L/H
  • Sunction height of 6.5 metres
  • Diesel Engine

Other features of Caltons UK High pressure from Aqua Hub Kenya Limited

Water pumps are considered as the most basic machines that use water to move stuff around. They have been used since ancient times, and they have been in service for thousands of years. Over time, they have evolved into complex machines with more features and capabilities. In the Kenyan market, our farmers have slowly embraced the use of large pumps, either petrol or diesel engines.

Power Italia 14 HP

Features of Power Italia 14 HP

  • 14 Horse Power
  • Head of 85 Metres
  • 48,000 L/H
  • Sunction height of 6 metres

The water pumps pump water from one place to another. There are many types of pumps that are available for this purpose. They come in different sizes and shapes. This type of pump uses a rotating shaft to spin a cylinder which contains the water in it.

Where to buy Diesel Water pumps in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya Limited, Nairobi & Eldoret Branches are the leading suppliers. With enhanced quality and serviceable parts.

Our contact details : NAIROBI : 0790719020 | ELDORET : 0759372241 get us through our website : www.aquahubkenya.co.ke

Diesel & Petrol Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Water PumpTypeHorse Power RatingCost
Power Italia Diesel 14 HP 75,000
Caltons UKDiesel14 Horse Power78,000