Drippers Emitters and Button Drippers

Drippers, Emitters and Button Drippers

Drippers Emitters and Button Drippers in Kenya 

Drippers Emitters and Button Drippers are devices used to control and discharge water from a lateral pipe where they are inserted. They release water to your plants from the mainline tubing. Our basic drip emitters are economical products that are extremely popular with our customers. They are particularly useful for long rows or varying terrain.

Types of Emitters 

We have both adjustable and non-adjustable emitters.
They are mostly used in orchards in potted plants and also for trees. With adjustable drippers, a farmer can control the amount of water they want to be discharged for hours. They also help in reducing manpower that would otherwise be used to water crops. Save the hustle and embrace innovation by getting drippers to manage your water irrigation pattern.

  Types  Flow Rate  Cost Material  
  Adjustable Emitters  1-70 L/h 15 Plastic  
  Non—Adjustable Emitters  1-35L/h 12 Plastic  

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