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Irrigation in Kenya

Irrigation in Kenya

Irrigation in Kenya is crucial to Kenyan and East African farmers at large. Aqua Hub has managed some of the region’s greatest irrigation projects throughout the years. Agriculture requires consistent water supply. Aqua Hub Kenya helps farmers to irrigate their land more successfully by utilizing technology that provide exact water coverage even with low water volumes. We provide water treatment, filtration, and pumping equipment, as well as high-quality, long-lasting pipelines, to assist safeguard your water supply.

Aqua Hub Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation Kits by Aqua Hub

All irrigation and water supply projects, including those for municipal services, potable water for cities and villages, irrigation, pumping and control systems, and the removal and treatment of waste water, may be guided and carried out by the Aqua Hub Kenya team.
Aqua Hub Kenya is a widely recognized and trusted brand throughout many of East Africa’s farming communities, acknowledged for its large selection of innovative irrigation systems that match the expanding demands of water saving and contemporary products for agriculture and gardening.
With the advantages of low water volume and precise coverage, we install and maintain drip lines, sprinklers, micro-sprinklers, micro-jets, rain guns, and center pivots, and provide irrigation solutions for a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and trees.

Types of Irrigation Systems in Kenya

The Aqua Hub Kenya Irrigation Division is a provider of high-quality irrigation and fertilization solutions. In Kenya, we provide a variety of irrigation methods. Aqua Hub Kenya Limited provides the best and most cost-effective irrigation techniques for usage in various sectors, including greenhouse, shade house, and open field irrigation. We provide the following forms of irrigation:

  1. Drip irrigation
  2. Overhead irrigation
  3. Rain hose irrigation
  4. Sprinkler irrigation

Drip irrigation prices in Kenya

Area SizeLines Per Bed Cost in Ksh.Lines Per Bed Cost in Ksh.Components
Size2 lines3 lines  Tank Connection
500 sq’m (1/8 Acre)   24,500    35,000Filtration Unit
1000 sq’m (1/4 Acre)   42,000    55,000Main Pipes & Control system
2050 sq’m (1/2 Acre)   65,000    75,000 Drip Kit
4096 sq’m (1 Acre)95,000130,000Installation Cost
  Transport within Nairobi county

You can contact us through Nairobi : 0790719020 and Eldoret : 0759372241

Visit our website : www.aquahubkenya.co.ke