How to Install Drip Irrigation Kits

How to Install Drip Irrigation Kits

How to install Drip Irrigation Kits by Aqua Hub, Kenya. We are the best greenhouse and irrigation company in Kenya. Our drip irrigation kits have the most competitive elements in the market, giving the customer variety of options in the future. Drip Kits are majorly composed of drip lines, drip fittings, main piping systems made of HDPE Pipes or PVC Pipes.

Drip Irrigation Components

  1. Main Pipes are made of HDPE or PVC Pipes
  2. Drip Lines (Single and Double emitter, 1000 m roll comes with 15 cm, 20 cm, and cm spacing. 0.4 mm and 0.3 mm thickness)
  3. Drip fittings (Start connectors, rubbers—anti leaks, End caps)
  4. Water Irrigation Filters for regulating silt
  5. HDPE Fittings for main pipes connections

Open Field Irrigation Systems by Aqua hub Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has vast experience in the design and installation of open-field irrigation systems. We erect a tank stand that’s sufficient to feed the whole farm. We also do the appropriate main piping and sub-main piping system to allow proper flow of water all through to the drip lines.

Tank and Tank stands

Tank stand by Aqua Hub KE

Laying of drip Lines

Laying of drips

Complete Unit

How to Install Drip Irrigation Kits

Drip Irrigation Kits Prices in Kenya

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