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Which option to go for Rain hose or Sprinklers ?

Sprinklers vs Rain Hose

Farming is the most reliable venture in Kenya. However, most farmers are left with the specific question to answer ,” Which option to go for Rain hose or Sprinklers ? Aqua Hub, Kenya – Greenhouse & Irrigation CompanyRain Hose Irrigation Kits in Kenya will try to answer this question and enlighten farmers 0n various modern irrigation methods.

Which option to go for Rain hose or Sprinklers ?|Rain Hose & Sprinkler in Kenya

  • Sprinklers are irrigation system appliances for watering lawns, farms, golf & football fields, and agricultural crops.
  • Rain Hoses are pipes are complex sprinkler systems that implement nano punching technology in irrigating crops.
Sprinklers Irrigation System Rain Hose Irrigation System
  • Have rotary jets that are rotated by pressure of water flowing out
  • Have many holes that release water patterns
  • Made of metallic, brass, or plastic materials
  • Only made of plastic materials
  • Requires either high pressure, depending on the sprinkler size.
  • Requires very medium pressure for water to be released in rain jets sprays
  • It is costly to apply sprinklers
  • It is less costly to apply rain hose systems
  • Sprinklers have a wide range of applications
  • Rain hose systems are only applied in lawn and agricultural crop irrigation
  • Sprinklers have a spray radius ranging from 8-40 m depending on the s
  • ize of the sprinkler. For ¾ inch sprinkler spray radius is 8-12 m, 1 inch sprinkler has 12 – 20 m, 1.5-inch sprinkler has 20 – 28 m and 2-inch sprinkler 28 – 36 m.
    For rain hose pipes, the spray radius is determined by the diameter and length of the pipes. 32 mm, 40 mm and 50 mm hose pipes have spray radiuses of 3, 5 and 7 m respectively.
  • Water moving under pressure in sprinkler pipe systems hits the sprinkler rotary jets and swirls It, causing pressure reduction at the nozzle, which allows water to flow out in sprays.
  • Rain hose systems only allows water to flow under high pressure and flow out of the nano holes in high pressure spray jet the
    rows. The end caps prevent water from flowing out.

How to install Sprinklers for Irrigation in Kenya

  • Connect the lay flat pipe to the source( The pump)
  • Enhance the main piping and the sub main pipe. The main pipe should be broader to build more pressure.
  • Connect Main pipes to sub main and introduce control valve
  • Mark the sprinkler points according to their spray radius and pressure requirements
  • Connect the pipe to the sprinkler using saddle clamps or HDPE Tee
  • Complete the sprinkler settings – Make sure you connect the end cork.
  • Run your system

How to install Rain hose Pipes for Irrigation in Kenya

  • Just as you had used the main piping in sprinklers, connect the same in rain hose system
  • Give provisions for control valves at every junction
  • Connect the lay flat rain pipe to the main pipe using: Saddle clamp, Hex Nipple , Ballcocks, and Rain Hose offtake
  • Finnish the connections and apply the end corks
  • Open and run your system

What crops uses Sprinklers for Irrigation?

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Pinnaples
  • Maize
  • Muguka
  • Beans

What crops uses Rain Hose Irrigation System?

  • Onions ( Highly recommended)
  • All vegetables
  • All crops that use drip lines
  • Maize
  • Beans
  • Capsicum

Rain Hose Prices in Kenya : Sprinkler Prices in Kenya


Type of Irrigation Used cost in KES
Size of the Land Drip Kits Button Drippers  Rain Hose Irrigation System 
1 acre                               130,000                           115,000                                   100,000
1/2 acre                                 61,000                             55,000                                      50,000
1/4 acre                                 40,000                             35,000                                      33,000
1/8 acre                                 23,000                             22,000                                      20,000





Cost of Rain Hose System per Acre in Kenya

The cost of Rain Hose system per acre in Kenya is KES. 100,000 to 115,000 depending on the type of crops to be done

Cost of Sprinkler System per Acre in Kenya

The cost of Sprinkler system per acre in Kenya is KES. 120,000 to 125,000 depending on the type of crops to be done and the area to be covered

Cost of Button Drippers per Acre in Kenya

The cost of Sprinkler system per acre in Kenya is KES. 100,000 to 125,000 depending on the type of fruits or crops to be done

Cost of Drip Kit per Acre in Kenya

Drip Kits will cost KES. 130,000 to 160,000.

Drip Kit Prices in Kenya 
Size/ Line per bed   1 Line per Bed   2 lines per Bed   3 Lines per Bed
1 acre                       75,000                                   130,000                  160,000
1/2 acre                       40,000                                      61,000                  71,000
1/4 acre                       28,000                                      40,000                    50,000
1/8 acre                       13,000                                      23,000                    26,000


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Which option to go for Rain hose or Sprinklers ?

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