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Rain hose Irrigation

Rain hose Irrigation

Rain Hose irrigation is a low-cost spray irrigation system. It is an alternative to the sprinkler irrigation method. It is simple to set up and maintain. Rain Hose is a flexible hose with a drip hole design. To maintain a consistent flow of water, these drip holes were created using nano-punching technology. The rain hose is ideal for crops with close spacing, such as onions, vegetable crops, green vegetables, groundnuts, and so forth.

What is a rain hose irrigation system?

Rain hose irrigation systems are a novel method of vigorously watering crops under moderate pressure. The major component in each kit is a 100M long pipe. Using Nanotechnology, the pipe is punctured at predetermined intervals to generate small holes through which crops are watered.

What are the advantages of rain hose irrigation?

  1. It costs less than sprinklers and is simple to install and maintain.
  2. To maintain a consistent flow of water, these spray holes were created using laser punching technology.
  3. Irrigate using both a high water pump pressure and gravity flow.
  4. In just ten minutes, irrigate a location.
  5. very portable
  6. There are several different diameters available.

Rain hose Irrigation

The components of rain hose system

Rain hose irrigation system
  • Main Pipe ( Preferably bigger in size than the rain hose)
  • Start Connector
  • Rubber (To curb leakages)
  • Endline plug (To stop and build pressure in the hose pipe)

What is the length or size of a rain hose?

It is significant to remember that the pipe’s diameter spans from 32 to 50 mm. Based on crop water requirements and the area of irrigation, a producer selects the optimal size. For instance, a farmer watering a crop covering 1 acre will be able to do so easily with a 32 mm rain hose pipe. A 50 mm rain hose pipe will work better for another planter with 5 acres of land to irrigate. 800 meters of 32 mm rain hose pipes, 600 meters of 40 mm pipes, and 400 meters of 50 mm pipes are needed for one acre of crops.

Different rain hose systems, their spraying width and length

Mini Rain Hose – 250 / 20 mm / 400 Meter4 Meter15 Meter
Rain Hose – 350 / 32 mm / 100 Meter6 Meter25-40 Meter
Rain Hose – 350 / 40 mm / 100 Meter6 Meter30-50 Meter
Rain Hose – 350 / 50 mm / 100 Meter6 Meter75-100 Meter
Rain Hose – 350 / 63 mm / 100 Meter6 Meter100 Meter

What are the Rain hose irrigation system Considerations?

  • A pressure head of 30M is necessary for the system.
  • The diameter size affects the rate of water outflow.
  • With a radius of 3 meters for 32 mm pipes, 5 meters for 40 mm pipes, and 7 meters for 50 mm pipes, it irrigates in opposing directions.
  • This water jet is one meter high.

What are Rain Hose Prices in Kenya?

Size Length  Price  (Ksh)
32 mm50 m         3,400
40 mm50 m         4,700
50 mm50 m         5,500

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