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Drip Lines Prices in Kenya

Drip Kit by Aqua Hub Kenya

Drip Lines Prices in Kenya vary based on the thickness and length desired. Drip Line pricing in Kenya vary depending on the size and length of the drip line you want. We can design unique projects to match our clients’ needs.  Drip Roll Prices range from Ksh 8000 to Ksh 9000.

HDPE Pipes

In Kenya, we provide the greatest drip irrigation lines. We provide drip lines with one emitter or two emitters. Drip lines with emitters spaced at 15 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, and 40 cm are used to water crops using trickling irrigation. The wall thickness of the single or double emitters in the 1 bar pressure drip irrigation kits is 0.3, 0.4, or 0.5 mm. Our drip lines are UV treated and feature flow rates ranging from 1.1 to 2.2 litres per hour. As a drip irrigation supplier in Kenya, we install the most modern, cost-effective, and long-lasting drip irrigation kits.

Drip Irrigation Installation Guide 

  • HDPE Pipes
  • Step 1 is to check your tank connection. It can also be any other source of water dam or reservoir.
  •  Step 2 Connect the pipe work to the farm. When doing this, consider avoiding so many bends because it reduces pressure.
  • Use Compression fittings because they are anti leaks. Usually, HDPE Pipes or PVC are commonly used. 
  • Step 3 Do the trenches where the main line with be buried (HDPE Pipes). Lay the laterals and connect to the drip.
  • Step 4. Create provision for main and sub main connection.
  • Step 5. Drill the sub main pipe where the drip connection will be attached to.
  • Step 6. Connect the drip to the main line. 
  • Step 7. Close the end of the drip using the end plug.

Drip Lines Prices in Kenya

Drip Irrigation  by Aqua  Hub Ke
Spacing and Thickness Length Price
15 cm, 0.3 mm 1000 meters 8,000
15 cm, 0.4 mm 1000 meters 9,000
20 cm, 0.3 mm 1000 meters 8,000
20 cm, 0.4 mm 1000 meters 9,000
30 cm, 0.3 mm 1000 meters 8,000
30 cm, 0.4 mm 1000 meters 9,000
45 cm, 0.3 mm (on order) 1000 meters 8,000
45 cm, 0.4 mm (on order) 1000 meters 9,000

How much does drip irrigation cost per acre

Our prices are also classified with respect to acreage and the number of lines per bed. We also tailor-made projects to suit clients’ needs.

Size / Lines Per Bed 1 Line 2 Lines 3 Lines
1 Acre 65,000 95,000 130,000
1/2 Acre 30,000 45,000 60,000
1/4 Acre 16,000 25,000 35,000
1/8 Acre 10,000 15,000 20,000

How long does drip lines last

Typically, these poly-drip irrigation lines have a life duration of roughly 10–15 years before the irrigation system needs to be changed. A longer period might result in extremely expensive water bills due to frequent leaks and water damage.

What is needed for drip irrigation?

  • A drip irrigation system must include the mainline, valve, sub-main, backflow preventer, pressure regulator, filter, tubing adapters and fittings, drip tubing, emitters, and end caps.
  • The mainline is the pipe that links your outside faucet to the valve, which acts as the water supply. The sub-main runs from the valve to where the drip tubing is connected. Sub-mains are often used when many drip tubing lines and zones are connected to the same mainline water supply. The mainline and sub-main should be no more than 400 feet apart.
  • The valve controls the flow of water into the system and can be set to operate automatically or manually. Backflow preventers are necessary to keep irrigation water from returning to the pipes and compromising your main water supply.
  • Filters keep dissolved pollutants in your water from interfering with the emitters. To safeguard the valve and pressure regulator as well as the emitters, install filters at the emitters or at the water supply. It is preferred if the filter has a mesh screen with a mesh count of at least 150 mesh or higher.
  • Water pressure is controlled via pressure regulators. This is the situation if the water pressure is more than 40 pounds per square inch. 

How many drip lines per acre?

6-10 Drip lines, but it also depends on the number of lines per bed. The more the lines, the more the number of drip lines to be used.

How much water is required to drip irrigate 1 acre per day?

Approximately 15,000 Litres per acre per day

What is a drip line’s flow rate?

  • Double emitter is 2.4 Litres per hour 
  • Single emitter is 1.2 Litres per hour

How do you prepare land for drip irrigation?

Beds are prepared according to the crop type. 

  • Bed to bed spacing is 0.5 meters
  • Plant to plant spacing is 15 cm or 20 cm or 30 cm

What is the cost of 1 acre Drip Kit 

Ksh. 130,000

What is the cost of 1/2 acre Drip Kit 

Ksh. 80,000

What is the cost of 1/4 acre Drip Kit 

Ksh. 35,000

What is the cost of 1/8 acre Drip Kit 

Ksh. 20,000

Where to buy drip irrigation pipes in Kenya

Aqua Hub KE offers Kenya’s best and most affordable drip line irrigation system. We can also advise you on which crops are most suited to each type of drip irrigation. For more information, please contact NAIROBI at 0790719020 or ELDORET at 0759372241.