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Drip Kits for Fruits and Trees

Drip Kits for Fruits and Trees

Drip Kits for Fruits and Trees|Drip irrigation kits by Aqua Hub Kenya are for irrigation of garden trees, seedlings, and fruits.
We supply quality UV treated drip lines and kits at very affordable prices in Kenya.

Why Drip Irrigation for Fruits

Drip Kits for Fruits and Trees

  • Fruits take a large spacing and water application can be achieved through drip irrigation.
  • It is easier to save water and enable sufficient water to reach each fruit tree by using drip lines. Drip lines deliver water in droplets and avoids water waste to the areas in between the fruit tree lines.
  • Fruit trees grow tall and make other irrigation methods unsuitable once they are.
  • Unstable or hilly lands are suitable for irrigation with pressure compensating drip lines and make growing of fruits a success.
  • Drip is favourable for maximum and sufficient water application to fruit trees for healthy growth and fruit development.
  • Other methods of irrigation can break foliage, flowers, or cause fruits to rot.
  • With drip irrigation, you can simply take charge of preventing excess or lower water reach to your fruit farms.

Layout of Drip Kits for Fruits and Trees

Surface drip irrigation is the best layout that works for fruits, trees, and other deep-rooted plants. Working with surface drip irrigation allows easier replacement, monitoring, and adjustment of drip lines.
A surface layout has all pipes and drip lines connected and laid above the ground surface.

Drip Kits for Fruits and Trees

Which drip lines to use for fruit Drip Kits?

We recommend a pressure compensating drip line, as it allows irrigation on hilly areas with water flow problems. The drip line is suitable for dripper installation for easier efficiency and control of water flow.

What Specifications of Drip Tapes for Fruits

  1. It has various hole spacing distances along the pipe. 15cm, 20cm and 30 cm.
  2. Flow rates also vary with the diameter of the drip line and hole spacing. Ranges between 1.5 and 2 L/H.

Features of Fruit Drip Kits

  • The drip tapes and drip lines are flexible for easier storage, packing and transportation. The flexibility makes installation and pipe connection easier.
  • Light and Flat drip tape surface that drips water from emitters once water fills the pipe.

Drip Kits for Fruits and Trees : Which fruits suits drip Irrigation?

  • Pears
  • Passion fruit
  • Citrus
  • Apples
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Dates
  • Strawberry
  • Paw paws.

How To Install Drip Kits for Fruits and Trees in Kenya

  1. Lay down pipes from the main line to the delivery pipes. Either on trenches or on the ground surface.
  2. Join main line pipes to sub mainline using tee or elbow connectors. You can apply saddle clamps in case a tee connector is not available.
  3. Connect a drip tape to a sub main line connector using a start connector. Insert the barb end of the start connector into the drip tape and tighten the knob to make sure the drip tape connects tightly.
  4. Connect the drip valve to the start of a drip line to allow regulation of water flow to drip lines for averting excess or less water flow.
  5. Seal drip tape ends with end caps.

Drip Kits for Fruits and Trees: Other Applications

  • Irrigation of greenhouse crops such as tomato, capsicum and strawberry
  • Watering field crops and orchards
  • Irrigation of vegetables


Drip Line Prices in Kenya

Our quality drip kits for fruits and trees are affordable and available at various costs as per the needs of your farm. The size of the farm matters when pricing drip lines and irrigation kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Best Method to water Fruit Trees?
    Drip Irrigation or button drippers.
  2. Why is Drip Suitable for fruits?
    It delivers water directly to the roots and saves a lot of water.
  3. How much water do fruits trees need?
    It depends on the type of fruit and stage of growth in a season.
  4. How far apart should drip lines be?
    1 M apart
  5. How many times should I water my Fruit trees?
    4–6 days a week, depending on the stage of growth.
  6. Where Can I buy Drip Kits for Fruits farming
    Aqua Hub Kenya