Button Drippers

Button Dripper Irrigation in Kenya

Button Dripper Irrigation in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya button drippers are available for irrigation of a variety of crops and trees or fruit seedlings. We have the best button drippers that go at affordable prices customizable for any farm size. Choose Button Dripper Irrigation in Kenya. Call : 0790719020 for more info:

Button Dripper Irrigation in Kenya

Button Dripper Irrigation in Kenya

Button dripper irrigation in Kenya involves the method of bringing water to plant root zones in an umbrella or circular flow pattern. The flow is suitable through small round plastic emitters with holes that release water sprays in small jets.

Button dripper holes are spaced in a circular pattern next to each other to form a water flow pattern that looks like an umbrella rain pattern.

Features of Button Drippers

Button drippers can be adjustable, with knobs that you can close to reduce or increase water flow rates. Others remain non-adjustable thus release water under the set flow rate.


Button Dripper Irrigation in Kenya

How Button Dripper Irrigation works

Button drippers release water to plant root zones through emitter holes placed on the knobs. They supply water with low gravitational pressure thus reducing cost and needs for pumps or pressure pipes.

What matters when Choosing Button Drippers

  • Flow rate – choose button drippers that meet your desired flow rate. If the water needs are high go with adjustable button drippers.
  • Crop – Consider the type of crop you are growing. High water requirement crops need adjustable button drippers for easier increment of water flow.
  • Terrain – consider the type of land. For hilly or sloppy areas go for pressure compensating button drippers.
  • Water quality – It is important to consider the source of water. Button drippers have small emitter holes that can block when dirty water is used for irrigation. You can always use water filters at specific pipe sections to trap dirt particles.
  • Pressure – In case of high-pressure irrigation systems, button drippers with pressure compensating feature are suitable.

Installation of Button Dripper Irrigation in Kenya

  • Dig trenches for mainline connection.
  • Lay HDPE or PVC main line pipes
  • Connect mainline and Sub-mainline pipes using connectors.
  • Lay 16mm HDPE or soft PVC pipe
  • Use a drip punch to make holes in the pipe.
  • Insert the barbed end of the dripper into the pipe hole.
  • Open the water connection.

What are the applications of Button Dripper Irrigation in Kenya

  1. Garden crop water supply.
  2. Orchards, fruits, and tree irrigation.
  3. Applying fertilizer to green house crops and garden crops.
  4. Seedlings and transplanted crop irrigation.

Button Dripper Irrigation in Kenya

Benefits of Button Dripper Irrigation

  1. Water utilization and less wastage.
  2. It allows smooth and easy feeding of fertilizer to plants.
  3. Crops can absorb water and nutrients faster.

What is the Price of Button Drippers

Our button drippers cost for as low as KES 13 each. We conduct affordable installation of button dripper irrigation in Kenya.

Where to Buy Button Drippers in Kenya

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