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This is a microirrigation system that helps save water and nutrients as it allows water to drip slowly to the roots of plants. It comes in handy in ensuring pocket save investment by allowing minimal usage of water also conservation of water. Drip system has allowed many farmers to reap large profits and also has brought about the much needed solution towards conservative farming. Embracing drip system will allow you as the farmer to fill the gap of maximizing profits. We at Aquahub make sure you get innovative and profitable at all times with provision of drip liners and installations.

Why choose drip system;

(i)Uniformly distribution of water to the crop sensuring that they all quench their thirst and maximize their productivity

(ii)Helps in water conservation as less water is used making sure certain amount of investment which would otherwise be used in water irrigation is retained. A coin saved goes a long way for tomorrow is promised to none

(iii)Minimizes loss of nutrients and fertilizer as the application is localized aiding productivity and increasing yields. Why not earn extra cash this planting season and the next harvesting season?

(iv)Less soil erosion and weed growth as water is only concentrated at the roots

(v)Reduction in cost of labour. Let the liners do the work as you only turn on the taps and monitor the flow of water Our dripliners are uvtreated and therefore can withstand harsh tropical climatic conditions. This will help the liners to last longer.

Availability specifications;


(ii)Thickness0.3mm and 0.4mm

(iii)Flow rate1.2ltrs per hour

(iv)Spacing15cm, 20cm and 30cm

(v)Length1000mtrs and 1500mtrs



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16mm Elbows

Buy 16mm drip line elbow at Aqua Hub Kenya at an affordable price.

Adjustable Button Dripper

Buy adjustable emitters at Aqua Hub Kenya at an affordable price. Basically they are devices used to control and discharge water from a lateral pipe where they are inserted. They release water to your plants from the mainline tubing. Our basic drip emitters are economical products that are extremely popular with our customers. They are particularly useful for long rows or varying terrain. Types We have both adjustable and non-adjustable emitters. They are mostly used in orchards potted plants and also for trees With adjustable drippers a farmer can control the amount of water they want discharged for hours. They also help in reducing manpower that would otherwise be used to water crops. Save the hustle and embrace innovation by getting drippers to manage you water irrigation pattern.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Adjustable flow range: 1-70L/h
  • Working pressure: 1-3KG
  • Thread diameter: 1/4 inch
  • Spray radius: 0-0.5m

Drip End Caps

Buy 16mm drip end caps at Aqua Hub Kenya at an affordable price.

Drip Irrigation Connectors

Buy Mini Valves from Aqua Hub Kenya at affordable prices. Available in:
  • PE to drip
  • Drip to Drip
  • PE to PE


Dripline is a pipeline with an internally built drip emitter, evenly spaced along the pipe to give a dedicated amount of water. Commonly used in Landscape and Effluent application. Buy drip lines at Aqua Hub Kenya at affordable prices with the following features:
  • Length: 1000m & 1500m
  • Spacing: 15cm, 20cm & 30cm
  • Single & Double Emitter
  • Flow Rate: 1.2l/hr to 2.5l/hr
  • Thickness: 0.3mm & 0.4mm
  • Diameter: 16mm

Grommet Rubbers

Buy Grommet Rubber from Aqua Hub at an affordable price.

Insert Connectors

Buy drip insert connectors at Aqua Hub Kenya at an affordable price.

Middle Connectors

Buy 16mm drip middle connectors at Aqua Hub at affordable prices.

Tee 16mm

Buy 16mm drip tee at Aqua Hub Kenya at an affordable price.