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PVC Fittings Supplier in Kenya

PVC Supplier in Kenya

PVC pipes and Fittings in Kenya by Aqua Hub LTD are quality and durable for all types of water supply applications. Our Pipes and fittings are affordable to all, and we deliver to all parts of Kenya.

What are PVC Pipes & Fittings?

PVC pipes and fittings are made of polyvinylchloride materials. PVC fittings are accessories that connect two or more PVC pipes together.

Features of PVC Pipes & Fittings

  • They are available in different classes ;  the diameter range of 16 mm -110 mm.
  • Class B – Equivalent to PN6
  • Class C – Equivalent PN8
  • Class D – equivalent to PN12
  • Grey color

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PVC Pipes and Uses

PVC Pipes are widely used in irrigation systems and water supply.

Types of PVC Fittings in Kenya


PVC tee fitting has one inlet part and two branching outlets which distribute water to opposite sections of an area or farm. Farm irrigation projects and plumbing works always use tee fittings to accomplish the goal or distributing water to different parts.

PVC Supplier in Kenya

Elbow PVC

PVC Elbow

applies where change of direction or course of pipe is required. Available in either 45° or 90°

End Cap

PVC End Cap

For closing pipe ends and preventing water from flowing out of the pipe ends.

Ball Corks

PVC Supplier in Kenya

Ball corks are for controlling water flow in an irrigation system. Common in drip irrigation systems and domestic supply pipes where you can open and close water  flow to certain sections.

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Connection of Pipes and Fittings 

PVC pipes & fittings join together and forms a strong waterproof easily. You can assemble them easily using two methods; use of a solvent glue or connecting with screws.

Connection with a glue solvent 

  1. Check to ensure the pipes or fittings match in diameter or size
  2. wash the ends of pipes you want to join to remove particles
  3. Wipe or leave the wet pipe ends to dry
  4. Smear the glue sealant on the pipe ends
  5. insert the the pipe end to a fitting or to another pipe.

Connection using Screws

An easier short term connection of PVC pipes and fittings which eases the repair and movement of pipes in future.

  1. Manually insert a pipe to pipe or to a PVC fitting
  2. Make holes on the pipe to allow insertion of screws to connect the pipe and fitting in a joint. You can use a drill bit.
  3. Insert a tapping screw to the hole and fix it to hold the connection.

Applications of PVC Pipes and Fittings in Kenya

They are commonly used in irrigation pipe systems such as drip kits and overhead sprinkler, lawn sprinklers and general water supply for domestic purposes.
Most cases we use PVC pipes, as mainline supply pipes.

What are the advantages of PVC pipes?

  • One advantage of PVC pipes is their light nature which enables easier installation and transportation.
  • PVC accessories are affordable and readily available on the market.
  • They can last for more than 3 years while still working very well.
  • PVC pipes and fittings are easy to join with butt fusion or welding since they melt and harden easily.
  • They can be attached together using a glue sealant to allow leak-proof connection.
  • Capable of withstanding environmental conditions.
  • They are available in a wide range of types all which can be useful for plumbing and irrigation systems connection.

Prices of PVC Fittings in Kenya

PVC Prices per Size in Kenyan Shillings (KES)

PVC Supplier in Kenya

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