HDPE, Irrigation Fittings

HDPE Pipes and Fittings in Kenya

HDPE Pipes & Fittings in Kenya

HDPE Pipes & Fittings in Kenya are available at sizes 16 mm-110 mm diameter for affordable prices.
HDPE pipes are made from High Density Polythene materials, while HDPE fittings are High Density Polythene fittings for joining HDPE pipes together or to other fittings.

Types of HDPE Fittings in Kenya

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  1. Compression Fittings
    Compression Fittings are suitable for connecting irrigation system pipes since they allow joining of pipes by tightening the nuts of the outer ring.
  2. Connectors Fittings
    They connect pipes of the same or different diameter sizes.
  3. Threaded Fittings
    Threaded fittings have threads on the ends and can connect pipes together or fittings to pipes.
  4. Tee Fittings
    Tee Fittings join two pipes to distribute water to different sections of a farm or building.
  5. Elbow Fittings
    Elbow fittings are those HDPE fittings for joining pipes on corners or where there is a barrier on the path of the pipe. Therefore, an elbow is critical to allow the pipe to escape the barrier.
  6. End Caps
    For preventing water from leaking on the ends of mainline, or drip lines. For instance, drip irrigation systems require end caps on the end of submain line, or drip lines.

How to Select the Best fittings and pipes in Kenya

A better way of selecting the best pipes and HDPE Fittings is to consider some factors such as;

Pressure rating

The pressure rating of the pipe determines whether it can work for your purpose.


The  type of application for your HDPE Fittings in Kenya helps you know which size and type of HDPE pipes and fitting to use.

Size of the pipe

The size of the pipe determines if it is enough to use on your irrigation system.

Size of the Project or Farm

The size of the project allows you to know the number of pipes or fittings you need.

How to Join HDPE Pipes fittings in Kenya

Joining HDPE water pipes for irrigation in Kenya depends on the type of pipe or fittings you are working with. There are several ways to join HDPE Pipes and Fittings.
Firstly, connection by Compression method, which is suitable for standard fittings and pipes.
On the other hand, you can connect pipes and fittings using the threaded connection method. It applies to pipes and fittings which have threaded ends. Just connect the threaded parts of a pipe or fitting to another pipe while screwing parts that are threaded to join.’
Another method is butt fusion which involves heating pipe or ends of fittings and joining them together, then cooling to enhance joint formation.

What are the Benefits of HDPE pipes and Fittings?

  • They are available in all types of diameter sizes. You can choose the diameter size that matches the pressure of your irrigation system.
  • HDPE pipes and fittings have numerous applications in water supply, plumbing, and irrigation farming.
  • They come at affordable prices.
  • They are easy to install and operate. The most important thing about irrigation pipes and fittings is the ease of operation/use by our clients.
  • Ease to repair and replace when needed.
  • They are UV treated and thus durable for a longer period.

Applications of  HDPE Pipes and Fittings

HDPE Pipes and Fittings in Kenya

  • Plumbing, for supplying of domestic water
  • Use in Irrigation systems as mainline and sub mainline pipes in drip, sprinkler or surface irrigation
  • Industrial water supply and gas supply
  • To protect cables in constructions and buildings


  • Connecting pipes together
  • Connection of pipes to fittings
  • HDPE fittings to PVC or CPVC pipes

HDPE Fittings Prices in Kenya

HDPE Fitting  Price Range
Tee  KES. 150 – 3,500
Saddle Clamps KES. 80 – 1,500
Adapters KES. 100 – 2,000
End Caps KES. 100 – 550
Connectors KES. 180 – 4,500
Reducers KES. 250 – 6,000

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