Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn Sprinkler in Kenya(PGP Package)

Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

A healthy turf lawn starts with a world-class pop-up sprinkler to enhance high-end performance and beautiful growing lawn. Lawn Sprinkler in Kenya is all you need to transform your lawn into a healthy, fast-growing and longer period of green and fresh state.

What does it come with?

Pressure Tank | Vessels

Booster Pump Prices in Kenya

A pressurizer is often used with booster pumps in piping systems to maintain a desired pressure. A pressure tank has two main functions:

  • It cushions pressure surges as the pump starts
  • Stop and provide drainage supply to control pump cycling

How do you know Which Pressure tank is Suitable?

In order to determine which type of pressure tank to use, consider the flow rate, pressure settings and pump type(self-priming ability and automatic power off).

Pop Up Controller| Timer


It is a plug in a Wand module that contains a pre-programmed lawn sprinkler irrigation schedule that enables smart irrigation management.

Advantages of a Pop up Timer
  • It is Bluetooth enabled to make connections faster and easier
  • it is adaptable
  • Capable of managing up to 14 stations
  • Has transformer input/ output 230 VAC 0.56 A
  • Has compatible sensors of hydrawise wi-fi software.

PGP  Pop Up Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

This are lawn rotors with adjustable arc ranging from 40° to 360° to ensure water reaches appropriate areas.


  1. Wide range of nozzle diameter to help adjustment of spray radius and volume.
  2. Spray radius ranging from 6.4 to 15.8 m.
  3. Pressure range of 1.7- 4.5 bar.
  4. Precipitation rate of 10 mm/hr.
  5. Pop up height of 10 cm.
  6. Exposed diameter of 4 cm.

Due to the different diameter sizes, pop ups sprinklers can have a flow rate of 0.1o m3 per hour  to 3.22 m3 per hour depending on the size of the pop up.

With different nozzle sizes, it can irrigate a maximum spray height of 1.5- 5.2 m

Solenoid Valve

These are auto-mechanical valves used when fluid flow has to be automatically regulated.


Pressure regulation 1.7 -2.8 bar

Flow rate 2-2.55 liters/minute

Operating pressure 1.4 – 8 bars.

150 mesh stainless screen

How to connect Automated Lawn Sprinkler in Kenya (five Steps to connect)

  1. Connect the pressure tank to the pump, and connect the complete set to the power sources
  2. Conduct a separate connection of pop up sprinkler timer to the solenoid valves and to the power source simultaneously.
  3. Connect the pop-up sprinklers to the main lateral lines and join this to the pump.
  4. Do not forget the No return valve from pump entry sections
  5. Contact technicians from Aqua Hub Kenya for Timing connection or advice.

Lawn Sprinkler Components and Prices  in Kenya

Item / Service Price (KES)
High Pressure Booster Pump – suitable for up to 12 lawn Sprinklers 23,000
4 Station Sprinkler Timer 30,000
10 bar Pressure Tank 21,000
Solenoid Valve 20,000
Electric Accessories 10,000
HDPE Fittings 25,000
HDPE Pipes 24,000
Other Accessories 7,500
Pop Up Sprinklers 12 87,000
Service Charge 40, 000


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