Best Sprinkler Systems for Lawns in Kenya

Best Sprinkler Systems

You need a reliable and highly effective type of sprinkler head to supply sufficient water to your lawns and compounds. While a variety of effective sprinklers do exist, it is not always easy to get best sprinkler systems without a guide. This article illustrates the best sprinkler types, and applications, and how to select the better one.

Prices of Sprinkler Systems in Kenya

The price of the best sprinkler systems ranges from KES 150 to KES 50,000 according to the size and type. We are among the leading suppliers of sprinkler and drip irrigation systems in Kenya.

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Categories of Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Lawn sprinklers are grouped into various types as per the application, how they work, and their positioning.

  • Centre pivot irrigation
  • Rotary or rotor sprinklers
  • Static or fixed sprinklers
  • Sprinkler Hoses
  • Travelling Sprinklers
  • Steamers

Types of Best Lawn Sprinklers

Hunter Series

Hunter sprinkler systems are among the best types as it boasts a wide range of sizes available. It has a controller with an in-built software that controls the irrigation schedule. You can choose to set your irrigation to start automatically at six different times.

The controller supports up to 24 stations or sprinkler sections due to its programmed module.

Moreover, a greater advantage of the hunter is the hydra wise mobile software which allows remote mobile control.

With the Hydra wise software, you can identify faults and easily repair leaking parts or damages in the irrigation system.

Rainbird Sprinkler system

Consists of rotary sprinkler heads, pipes, laterals, timers, and connectors that are joined together to make up an ideal irrigation system. The system can work on its own through the automatic rise and retraction of the sprinkler head.

Its design of a wind-resistant rain curtain nozzle and rain delay feature allows to suspend watering for days without the need to reset the irrigation schedule.

Additionally, this is a self-draining system to help avoid issues with freezing in the winter.


Irritrol is another type of effective sprinkler controllers that enhances remote control of the irrigation system. it accommodates at least 6- 48 sprinkler zones with ability to customize the sprinklers number on your lawn.

The sprinkler controller uses real weather data to control the irrigation schedule.

How to Choose the Best Sprinkler Systems

Water efficiency

The most important thing to consider when investing in sprinkler systems is how effective it works. Always go for a sprinkler that can reduce the cost, energy, and time used in irrigation while delivering the required irrigation rate.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Installation and operation of a sprinkler need to be considered before deciding to go for it. Consider simple sprinkler systems if you have less or no expertise in handling sprinkler systems.

Flow Rate

Different sprinklers can supply water at different flow rates. Choose the one that works best for you as per the water needs of your lawn.

Spray radius or Area of Coverage

You can choose sprinklers by considering the spray radius of the sprinkler head. Sprinkler heads have varying distances of spray depending on the type and size.


It is also ideal to look at the material or body of the sprinkler to consider whether it can be durable. Sprinkler heads and controllers have a plastic or metal body surface. Choose rust-free and strong materials so that it remains effective in harsh climatic conditions.


When looking for a sprinkler, consider what type it is and where it is used. Since different sprinklers have different applications, you can easily identify where to use it.

Lawn Sprinkler Installation in Kenya

Best Sprinkler Systems

We also conduct installation after the purchase of irrigation systems for affordable costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider in a lawn sprinkler system?

Focus on quality, and make sure the sprinkler can be adjusted to the size and configuration of the area that needs watering.

Look at the quality, size and water needs of your lawn  in order to select the best sprinkler.

Which type of  sprinkler covers the most area?

An oscillating sprinkler

How many long should you water your lawn?

For about 30 -40  minutes depending on the flow rates of the sprinkler head.

Where are Sprinkler Systems sold?

Aqua Hub Kenya