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Low pressure Sprinklers in Kenya

low pressure sprinklers in Kenya

Low pressure Sprinklers in Kenya are used for various agricultural crops and applications that require low water pressure. These sprinklers operate at effectively low pressure rates compared to high pressure Sprinklers.

Sprinklers in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Irrigate your farms with low pressure Sprinklers in Kenya from Aqua Hub. Our sprinklers are quality, effective and durable at affordable prices.
We have a wide range of low-pressure plastic sprinklers starting from micro (butterfly), mini sprinklers to ground sprinkler heads.

Categories of Low pressure Sprinklers in Kenya

  1. Impact pressure Sprinklers – Metallic or plastic impact sprinklers suitable for low-pressure applications are available. The rotary arms of impact sprinklers can
  2. Butterfly (micro) Sprinklers – Small plastic butterfly-like Sprinkler heads with plastic rotary nozzle in the middle. Works under low pressure to divert water into low pressure throws.
  3. Ground Sprinklers – Ground sprinklers can work under low pressure to high pressure depending on the size and type of the sprinkler head. They include pop-up sprinklers,
  4. Metal impact Sprinkler with butterfly base – ground sprinkler heads are metallic, but the base has a plastic butterfly shape. They connect to a movable horse pipe connection that supplies water to the sprinkler head.

What to Consider when Choosing Sprinklers 

  • Coverage – The spray distance also matters to ensure you have the exact figures of Sprinklers you need for your farm or garden.
  • Pressure Requirements – You must know the pressure needs of an irrigation system to consider the best size and pressure rating.
  • Material – Choose Sprinkler heads made of durable materials. Plastic, steel, and brass materials are good since they are resistant to rust, corrosion, and damage.
  • Cost – The cost also factors in to know which better option to choose.

Advantages of low pressure sprinklers

  • They work under low pressure pumps. Some like butterfly Sprinklers can work under gravity.
  • Low pressure Sprinklers are good for soil conservation. They do not cause intensive soil erosion.
  • Some low-pressure Sprinklers can be shifted with a flexible horse pipe connection.
  • They are easy to install and operate. Low labour requirements are needed to work with sprinklers.

Applications of Sprinklers in Kenya

  1. Irrigation of garden crops – Low pressure Sprinklers are applicable in irrigation of wide variety of garden crops which are less prone to fungal foliage diseases. They include vegetables, young trees, fruits, seedling nurseries and beans.
  2. Watering of Flowers and horticultural crops – Flowers might need low pressure irrigation since they happen to be delicate with weak stems.
  3. Greenhouse crop irrigation – greenhouse plants are normally short or medium size crops and works with smart low pressure irrigation systems. Apart from tomato and capsicum which are good for drip irrigation, most green house crops can be irrigated using low pressure sprinklers.
  4. Water supply to animal feeds and pastures – Animal grasses such as Napier grass, Bhoma Rhodes and star grass require constant moisture for faster and green growth.
  5. Suppression of dust – In mining sites and road construction sites dust is high and can cause respiratory diseases. To avert this effect, low pressure sprinklers are used. Low pressure sprinklers are the best since they soak the soil slowly hence do not cause soil erosion.
  6. Golf courses – low pressure sprinklers supply water to golf courses to maintain the green and healthy growth of grass.

Sprinkler Price in Kenya

Type Size (inch/mm) Cost (KES)
Impact Sprinklers ¾” 450
1″ 1,000
Pop-up Sprinkler ½” 2,900
¾” 4,200

Rain Guns

32 mm Rain Gun 5,000
50 mm Rain Gun 8,000
63 mm Rain Gun 15,000
Butterfly Sprinkler ½” 150

Where to Buy Sprinklers in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is the ideal Supplier of quality low to high pressure rain guns and sprinklers for irrigation in Kenya. We also conduct installation services to our clients all over Kenya and East Africa at affordable rates.
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