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Sprinkler Prices in Kenya

Sprinklers in Kenya vary according to application, type, and size of a sprinkler. The impact, butterfly, flange and Rain-gun sprinkler prices in Kenya are affordable at Aqua Hub. We have all types from rain guns, plastic impacts, micro-sprinklers to lawn sprinklers.

Sprinkler Irrigation in Kenya

Sprinklers enhance sustainability in the agricultural sector of Kenya by offering a range of benefits from increased production to water and land utilization.
Sprinklers are used for overhead irrigation in Kenya to enhance high adequate supply of water to crops on the outfield and farm plantations. The use of sprinklers can enhance high growth rate and a balance in moisture content on the soil across all farm sections.

Choice of Sprinklers

It is good to consider the crop type, size, pressure rating and use of sprinklers before deciding to purchase and apply them.

Crop Type

Considering the crop type, some sprinklers have higher pressure and radius of throw while others have smaller radius of throw. Therefore, they are not suitable for similar crops. For instance, low pressure sprinklers such as butterfly sprinklers are used for small crops such as greenhouse crops, seedlings, and potted plants.


High pressure sprinklers such as Impact sprinklers and rain guns are used for large crops such as maize, coffee, and sugarcane.


The Sprinkler size will depend on your budget, water source, crop, and desired pressure of flow. The size of a sprinkler determines its spray radius and pressure thus you need to choose the one that suits your crop. Again, crop size should be a matter of concern because high pressure sprinklers can uproot small crops.

Suitable Crops

  1. Maize – Maize is a staple food crop in Kenya, and always has high demand. The plant requires high moisture content throughout the year, which is not the case in most parts of the country. Rain Guns and impact Sprinklers are suitable for maize fields.
  2. Wheat – Wheat being a cash crop is suitable for impact and micro sprinklers.
  3. Vegetables – Vegetables such as spinach, kale, cucumbers, peppers, and cassavas are suitable for sprinklers.
  4. Sugarcane – Sugarcane has a high-water demand, and being a stem tuber, there is less risk of fungal diseases on the leaves. The height of sugarcane allows use of impact, flange, and rain gun sprinklers.
  5. Fruits – apples, oranges, avocados, and bananas are suitable for Sprinkler Irrigation.

Advantages of Sprinklers

  1. They are made of hard durable plastic and brass/aluminium metals. They operate for a very long time without getting worn out or breaking.
  2. Sprinklers work under high pressure to enhance rapid wetting of the soil for enough water.
  3. They save on time since they irrigate large farms owing to the high flow rates they operate under.
  4. Sprinklers are available in a wide range of sizes, costs, and prices.
  5. Sprinklers are portable and lowers the overall costs spent on installation.
  6. They are quite easy to install and operate.

Sprinkler Prices in Kenya/Rain-Gun Sprinkler Prices in Kenya

Type Size (inch/mm) Cost (KES)
Impact ¾ 450
1 1,000
Pop-up Sprinkler ½ 2,900
¾ 4,200

Rain Guns

32 mm Rain Gun 5,000
50 mm Rain Gun 8,000
63 mm Rain Gun 15,000
Butterfly Sprinkler ½ 150

While Aqua Hub Kenya strives to offer quality supplies of Sprinklers to clients at affordable costs, we also install and maintain Sprinkler Irrigation systems.
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