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Butterfly Micro Sprinklers in Kenya

Butterfly micro-sprinklers in Kenya

 Butterfly Micro-sprinklers in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Butterfly Micro Sprinklers in Kenya |Aqua Hub Kenya, being the most reputable irrigation equipment supply company advocates for wise water usage as a crucial component of agricultural success. The micro-sprinkler technology resembles natural rainfall by providing water to the crop


Why micro-Sprinklers?

  •  All crops, except for jute and rice, may be watered using a micro-sprinkler.
  • Micro-sprinklers distribute water evenly under high flow rate at low pressure.
  • Micro-sprinkler irrigation system requires less power since it runs at low pressure.
  • It is the ideal strategy for areas with high relative humidity, little wind, and little evaporation.

Which soil to irrigate using Micro-sprinklers?

Micro sprinklers practically fit irrigation in any type of soil, although sandy loam soil with a high infiltration rate—more than 0.4 cm/hr—and undulating terrain is preferable.

Which plants can be irrigated using Butterfly Micro-sprinklers?

  • Vegetables
  • trees
  •  fragile crops or seedlings
  • Fruits like Avocados, mango, and citrus.

What is the appropriate Spacing of Micro-sprinklers?

Micro-sprinklers should be placed in lateral lines 2.5 to 3 m apart. The laterals can be laid 2.5 m from each other to ensure uniformity of water distribution.

How can I ensure the Micro-sprinkler function Properly?

For micro-sprinklers system to work properly, all parts must be available.
You should observe the rate of distribution uniformity against the pressure applied to determine if your micro-sprinkler is effective. The pressure increase can either increase or reduce uniformity distribution depending on the micro-sprinkler type.
For essence, increase in pressure increases the uniformity of distribution in Jain mini sprinkler.

What Crucial part to consider when choosing a Micro-sprinkler?

The nozzle used to release water onto the soil’s surface in a micro sprinkler irrigation system is crucial. The material of the nozzle should be durable, hard, and resistant to corrosion or any possible mechanical damage.

Features of Butterfly Micro-sprinklers

  • Extra-long range
  • Simple, user-friendly structure
  • Uniform coverage over a wide range of spacings, flow rates and pressures
  • Insect-resistant nozzle
  • Large droplets
  • Innovative spike
  • Inverted version available for tunnels and greenhouses

Micro-sprinklers in Kenya

Application of micro-sprinklers

  • Root zone irrigation of fruit trees
  • For overhead irrigation of vegetables and nurseries
  • Tree nursery irrigation
  • Greenhouse farming crop irrigation
  • Irrigation of landscapes and residential gardens
  • Frost protection in orchards and vineyards
  • Pesticide spraying in greenhouses and orchards.

Butterfly micro-sprinkler Prices

Our sprinkler costs ranges from KES 100/- each.

Get Quality micro-sprinklers at Aqua Hub Kenya. Our micro-sprinklers have the best market prices. We also have lawn sprinklers, Rain Guns and pop-up sprinklers.

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