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Sprinkler Irrigation in Kenya

Sprinkler Irrigation in Kenya

Sprinkler Irrigation in Kenya

Sprinkler Irrigation in Kenya is a method of irrigating crops by supplying water in the form of sprays using sprinklers.

  • Aqua Hub Kenya deals in Supply of Sprinklers and training on how to use them for the betterment of food production in the Country.
  • We institute knowledge to our farmers and go an extra mile of examining their farms and setting up irrigation systems at affordable costs.

Sprinkler Irrigation in Kenya

Crops suitable for Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation is best for crops that are propagated in rows on a flat piece of land. Sprinklers can be used to water lawns and orchards. Crops that can be irrigated using sprinklers are:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Grass
  • Trees
  • Orchards ( All types of Fruits)
  • Kei-apples
  • Lawn ( Low pressure sprinklers)

For the type of soil, sprinklers are suitable for places with high infiltration to avoid water flooding on farms and crop damage.

Requirements for Sprinkler Irrigation

  • Water Pump ( Diesel pumps or DC Pumps or Solar Pumps or Petrol Pumps)
  • Main Line pipe Connection ( HDPE Pipes or PVC Pipes )
  • Assorted Fittings
  • Sub-Main Lines ( Laterals) HDPE Pipes or Delivery Pipes
  • Rain Guns & Sprinklers
  • Sprinkler Stands

Sprinkler by Aqua Hub

How to Connect Sprinklers for Irrigation 

  • Starting point is the pump section-Connect the pump to the source of water and main Line
  • Lay the main line on the trench to the delivery point
  • Use the HDPE Fittings or PVC Fittings to connect the piping together
  • Divide your farm into sections using Ball corks or control valves
  • Connect each section with a sprinkler
  • Run the pump and check pressure requirements for the sections
  • Keep shifting the laterals to another sprinkler section for uniform water distribution.

Sprinklers use a lot of water. Therefore, ensure the water supply is consistent for pressure required to be attained. It is good to always check the level of water in the tanks or dams.

Pressure Required for Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation requires high pressure for water to rotate the sprinklers heads and drop water in the form of rain. Therefore, for high pressure to be attained pumps are used to pump water or tanks raised high up to 30 m above the ground. High pressure should be maintained to enhance even distribution of water in the fields. Water can be unevenly distributed in cases of strong blowing winds during irrigation times.

Rain Gun Sprinkler by Aqua Hub Kenya

Cost of Setting Up Sprinkler Irrigation in Kenya

Sprinkler & Rain Gun

Sprinkler Head  Cost 
Sprinkler 3/4 “-Plastic 8–12 meters  KES. 500
Sprinkler 1″ – Brass 12–20 meters  KES.4,000 
Sprinkler 1.5″-Brass 20–28 meters  KES.7,000
Sprinkler 2″- Brass 28–36 meters  KES. 9,000 

The cost of Sprinklers depends on the size of Sprinklers, the distance of the sprinkler head and the application rate. We sell our sprinklers according to the size and the distance of the water head.

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