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Professional sprinkler Installation and things you need

Sprinkler Installation

The sprinkler irrigation system is a technical method of watering crops in an overhead manner using rotary sprinkler heads. Aqua Hub Kenya delivers a professional sprinkler installation service to enhance susceptible productive farming.

You must understand the steps and guidelines on what requirements to avail for an effective sprinkler installation and setup.

Cost of Sprinkler Heads in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has an affordable cost for sprinklers, and all vary as per the size of the sprinkler head. Can be as low as KES 200 to KES 50, 000.

Professional Sprinkler Installation by Aqua Hub

We lead you to choose the best sprinkler heads as per the crops and goals of water requirements of your farming venture. Our support includes a reliable installation that beats the challenges of most irrigation systems.

Learn more on the cost of our sprinkler irrigation systems, inclusive of the variety of sprinkler heads, pipes, and fittings to accommodate your farm.


How to Setup and Connect Sprinklers

To install sprinklers you need to connect the primary water supply connection to the sprinkler heads using pipes and fittings. Lay the supply pipe and connect it to the laterals using adapter fitting. At the start of the water source connect a water filter to remove debris. Install a pressure regulator next to the water filter.

Use stakes to hold supply pipes onto the ground so as to prevent movement during irrigation.

Using a Teflon tape, wrap around the threads of the sprinkler inlet part and screw it to connect to the male end of the riser pipe.

Always use a proper spacing layout of your sprinklers to prevent leaving dry spots during irrigation. As per the flow rate, size and crop spacing, place sprinkler heads 3 – 5 meters apart.

The best method of identifying the ideal spacing distance is to go with the spray radius. For instance a sprinkler of 3 m spray radius needs to be spaced for 3 m apart.

Requirements for Sprinkler Installation

A sprinkler irrigation system comprises various components of water supply such as pipes and sprinkler head types. Learn how each component works and how they are used in the sprinkler irrigation system. For Sprinkler installation, yo require;

Water Pumps

Sprinkler heads cannot work without a water pump in your sprinkler irrigation system. You need a high-pressure pump of 1 hp and above to generate the force needed to deliver high-pressure overhead irrigation.

Start HDPE Pipes

The onset of the sprinkler irrigation system connection needs HDPE or PVC pipes to be laid s the start pipes. The role of HDPE is to supply water to the sprinkler heads. Can work on the surface or under the soil. For instance, in lawn sprinkler irrigation they are laid below the ground.


Sprinkler irrigation fittings include pipe stakes, connectors such as elbow, tee, End Caps  and adapters for hose pipes.

Water Filters

Depending on the size of your sprinkler irrigation system, a screen or disc water filter is essential for the installation of sprinklers. The filter device has a mesh that traps the soil or debris that can be inside irrigation water and prevents blockage of sprinkler nozzles.

Screen filters are for smaller sprinkler systems while disc filters tend to be more effective in complex large-scale irrigation.

Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators are the most important accessories in a sprinkler system connection. It is common to install pressure regulators near the water source to ensure that you monitor the pressure of water. Pressure exceeding the recommended rate can damage the sprinkler heads and at the same time, lower pressure causes the system not to function.

Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are available in different types for irrigation of field crops. The Sprinkler heads rotate at different angles to distribute water effectively depending on the type. Small to large sprinklers are available at varrying modes of operation from fixed to movable systems.

Sprinkler Installation

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