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Affordable Sprinkler in Kenya

Affordable Sprinkler in Kenya

Affordable Sprinkler in Kenya(sprinkler irrigation) are smart irrigation devices used in various water requiring areas such as gardens, field crops, lawns and playing grounds. The cost of Sprinklers/sprinklers for sale by Aqua Hub Kenya is affordable to all types of farmers; small and large scale.

Sprinkler irrigation in Kenya (Is it Viable?)

Affordable Sprinkler Solutions from Aqua Hub Kenya are among the most effective methods which farmers prefer to work with due to the numerous advantages.
Most large-scale farmers in Kenya are adopting sprinkler irrigation to cut the installation cost of drip irrigation and other methods.

A sprinkler head can cover a large area on a farm; thus, you can use less sprinkler heads on a piece of land.

 Sprinkler Types in Kenya

Affordable Sprinkler in Kenya

Sprinkler heads have a wide range of types to choose from, each suitable for specific applications and crop types.

  • Impact sprinklers : designed to release water through nozzles and rotating arms which break water into sprays. They have different angles of rotation; can range from 0-360 degrees.
  • Sprayers : common for small water requirements and irrigation of low coverage crops in greenhouses and gardens. They have a simple plastic or metal head that can take a butterfly or round shapes with a small rotary jet in the middle.
  • Rotor sprinklers : Special sprinklers that release water at high pressure and provide large flow radius. Rotors have a degree of rotation up to 360 degrees.

Affordable Sprinkler Irrigation System

A sprinkler system involves a connection of pipes and sprinkler heads to a water source or point where you can draw water for irrigation.
A typical sprinkler system has HDPE or PVC connected to a horse pipe and to the sprinkler head which directly waters plants in fields, greenhouses, and gardens.

Benefits of Affordable Irrigation Sprinklers in Kenya

  • A Sprinkler can irrigate a large farm. You just need a stable water source and a pipe and sprinkler connection though it requires labor to adjust and move around the sprinkler head.
  • Sprinkler irrigation at many times supplies water indirectly to the soil, thus having less impact on soil erosion adverse effects.
  • Plants under sprinkler irrigation get enough water to enhance uniform growth and nourishment.
  • Water reaches deep parts of the soil to the roots for use by deep and shallow root plants.
  • Moreover, sprinkler heads are durable materials that are less prone to damage and thus easier to work with.

Sprinkler Working Principle

Irrigation sprinklers in Kenya delivers water in light or heavy throws above plants, ensuring that sufficient water is available in the soil.
Pressure is the key to effective water supply and achievement of sprays reaching throw radius. Therefore, you require a water pump to supply water from the source to the sprinkler system with pressure flow.
The force and size of droplets formed by the sprinkler head depends on the size and pressure of the sprinkler head. Various sprinkler head sizes work with different pressure ratings, the bigger the size, the higher the pressure it requires.

Choosing an Affordable Sprinkler in Kenya

You are now familiar with Water sprinkler irrigation; here is what to consider before buying sprinklers.
Each sprinkler head can be the right choice for watering your plants, you only need to overlook some factors.

Affordable Sprinkler in Kenya

Type of Soil

The type and structure of your farm soil is ideal when choosing irrigation sprinklers in Kenya. You need to consider the compactness, water retention and wetting rate of your soil. For dry loose soils, you may want to consider a higher-pressure sprinkler with high flow rate.

Pressure Rating

Pressure of application matters depending on the spacing of the sprinkler heads. If you want to apply few sprinklers with aim of lowering irrigation costs, you might consider large ones with high spray radius.

Water Requirement

Various crops have different rates of water requirements. On the same note, some crops have high heights than others. The size of a sprinkler head and height of throw dictates the types of crops it suits.

Cost of Sprinkler for

Labor needs

You may at times want to work with an easy to use or automated sprinkler system that can water your crops or lawns without any labor requirement. The ease of use and automation also matters when it comes to purchasing.

Depending on your budget you can get a suitable sprinkler head that matches your application.

Cost of Sprinklers

Choose a sprinkler that matches your budget.

Suitable Crops for Sprinkler Irrigation in Kenya

Affordable Sprinkler in Kenya

Not all crops require an affordable irrigation sprinkler, as water subject foliage and fruit to rot and infections.
some crops such as tomato and capsicum develop fungal diseases when water touches the leaves.
Sprinkler irrigation is a flexible and effective method to irrigate higher water requirement crops such as maize, corn, fruits, trees, lawns, and vegetables.

Sprinkler Price in Kenya

The cost of Sprinklers in Kenya ranges from KES 150 to KES 15,000 depending on type size and pressure rating.

Sprinkler Suppliers in Kenya

With Aqua Hub Kenya you can get the right sprinkler for watering your crops. Our sprinkler heads are quality guaranteed, with a long period of durability.
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