Irrigation Systems for Greenhouse Farming in Kenya

Irrigation Systems for Greenhouse

Greenhouse farming practice is transforming small-scale farming into an effective yielding venture. With the use of sustainable irrigation systems for greenhouse farming, you can always harvest more compared to cultivating on open fields.

A well-designed irrigation system for greenhouse structures provides sufficient water and nutrients to your vegetables and fruits. The greater benefit comes from healthy growth and maximizes yield.

Ideal Irrigation Systems for Greenhouse Farming

Irrigation systems involve the connection of pipes, pumps, valves, and emitters that supply water without delay to the plant life.

Greenhouse environment requires a proper temperature and moisture range to ensure proper growth of plant growth.

Drip Irrigation method

Irrigation Systems for Greenhouse

With a proper connection of water supply pipe, water is conveyed to the plant root zone in drop wise manner. The method is highly effective and saves a lot of water by using just a smaller volume approximately 60 percent of water.

Another advantage of drip is the ability to automate the system and easily supply water to crops using controllers.

Micro Sprinklers

Most greenhouse crops for example vegetables have a high-water requirement for development of leafy and green vegetables.

Micro sprinklers evenly distribute water in smaller and best spray level to ensure proper reach to the roots. The fine spray does not affect crops in the greenhouse at any level, due to lower force of water coming out.

Fogging Systems

Misters and sprayers are often ideal in reducing high temperatures which may damage crops in the greenhouse. Misting kits have smaller nozzle design to provide moisture in form of mist or fog and thus cool the air.

They are ideal for use in greenhouses available in hotter regions such Naivasha, Machakos, Mombasa and Kisumu.

What is the Benefit of Using Irrigation Systems in Greenhouse Farming?

Water Efficiency is Ehanced

Sustainable irrigation systems for greenhouses provide much water efficiency as it minimizes wastage.

Higher Effectiveness

The use of smart irrigation systems for greenhouse farming enables higher efficiency in fertilizer use and water management. The cost of irrigation, irrigation, and weed control is minimized due to proper plant and weed management.

Quality Production

Due to proper growing conditions and maximum water availability, your produce is guaranteed to reach a maximum level.

Low labor Cost

Since irrigation systems supply water with less need for labor the cost of labour is reduced.

What Matters When Choosing Irrigations Systems

To ensure the proper selection of ideal irrigation systems and accessories that can work effectively in your greenhouses consider the factors below;

Pressure Range

It is important to consider the pressure range of pipes, and delivery sprinklers or emitters to ensure it can deliver the required irrigation rate.

Flow Rate

The flow rate of the system will determine whether the system will deliver the required amount of water.

Crops Selection

Consider the crops you select or choose to grow bearing in mind that they have different rates of water intake. Choose an irrigation system with flow rates that match the water requirement of your crop.

Water Quality

Consideration of the quality of water that is used in the irrigation system should be another concern. For dirty or high sand content water, use filters in your irrigation system.

Automation and Efficiency

Efficiency of an irrigation method is an important factor to use when looking for an ideal system to install on your greenhouse.

Modern greenhouse farming requires automated irrigation system that can effectively supply optimal water and minimize wastage.

Accessories for Irrigation Systems and Greenhouses in Kenya

Drip irrigation system pipes and fittings are available at Aqua Hub Kenya in various sizes. Drip lines come in rolls of 1000m length and hole spacing of 15, 20 and 30 cm.

Micro sprinklers and misters are also available in smaller sizes of ½ inch. The nozzles for misters can range from 2-4 as per the type.

How Much is the Cost of Greenhouse Structures

It can vary from KES 100,000 to KES 650,000  or more depending on the size of the greenhouse

Cost Prices of Irrigation Systems for Greenhouses in Kenya

Depending on the type and greenhouse size, the cost of an irrigation system is inclusive of the cost of greenhouse.

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