Drip Emitters for Onion Farming in Kenya

Drip Emitters for Onion

Onion growing requires a precise method of irrigation to enhance effective growth and production. Use of drip emitters for irrigation in onion farming projects saves water and leads to high onion production.

Why Drip Lines in Onion Farming?

For better germination and growth of onion bulb, the soil needs to be dry and well drained.

To meet the high-water needs, especially during stages of bulb formation, you need to irrigate more often. Drip irrigation is the effective method that brings water available to the root zones of onion crops at any required time.

Drip Emitter Spacing for Onion Farming

The Best drip emitter hole spacing for onion farming can be 15 or 20 cm depending on the water retention rate of your soil. For sandy soil you need a closer emitter spacing to lower excess water loss from deep percolation.

Onions are grown in beds that are 1M apart and have 2-3 drip emitters. The bed can take 6–8 rows of onion plant lines.

Drip Irrigating Onion Seedlings

The kind of drip emitters for onion seedlings need to have close spacing of holes.

Understand the need for maximum germination and viable seedlings, possible with high soil moisture rate.

15 cm spacing can be ideal but also depends on the soil type.

 Choosing the right drip emitters for Onion Farming

Crop type

The recommended spacing affects drip emitter hole spacing to choose. Consider a drip emitter spacing that suits your crop spacing.

Type of Soil

Soil types have different properties and water retention rates. For soil with high water retention can suit wide emitter spacing.

Wetting Pattern

The wetting pattern depends on various factors such as evaporation, flow rates and soil type. Considering climate choose an emitter that delivers the right water supply to crops.


The topography of the land affects water distribution in drip emitters. Drip irrigation can be a challenge in uneven landscapes. However, with pressure compensated drip lines water can reach every part of the field.

How to Ensure Efficiency of Emitters

Efficiency in drip emitter water supply means constant flow of the required water and fertilizer rate at uniform rates.

Circumstances such as clogging, or leakage of drip emitters may reduce water supply to onion plants in the farm.

To avoid such problems, connect water filters to the main line pipes of your drip irrigation system. Water filters remove sand from water and prevent clogging of pipes or pressure changes.

What type of Filter is Suitable for Drip emitters?

You can either use disc filters or screen filters as per the size of your irrigation system. For large drip irrigations schemes, disc filters are ideal and for small ones, screen filters work well.

Advantages of Choosing the right Emitter Spacing

  • Uniform water intake and supply to each onion plant.
  • The rate of nutrient share to each crop is equivalent thus uniform growth.
  • Sufficient water supply for onion plants.
  • Higher water retention will in turn lower water use.
  • Faster growth and quality onion bulb formation

Cost of Drip Emitters in Kenya

Our emitters are priced at different rates as per the farm size. With a certain farm size, we calculate the total cost according to number of drip lines needed.

Drip Emitters for Onion

Where to Buy Emitters in Kenya

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