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Drip(Micro) Irrigation in Kenya

Micro| Drip Irrigation

Micro IrrigationDrip(Micro) Irrigation is the direct irrigation of crops on the root zones in a precise and low-pressure flow of water.
Small bits or drops fall on the roots and is directly accessible to the roots.
This method is ideal and good for saving water, nutrients, and labor costs.

It also supplies equal water and nutrients to crops thus suitable for good production.

Why Drip Irrigation in Kenya is the Best

  • It takes up less space and at the same time enhances proper growth of crops in lines.
  • Less evaporation rates and loss of water from the soil.
  • There is less or minimum wastage of water since no surface run-off or deep percolation.
  • You can supply nutrients to plants using drip irrigation systems.
  • It is effective since it is less prone to disease and weed growth.
  • Plants get the recommended water level for growth thereby allowing maximum growth and production levels.
  • Micro irrigation kits are available in Kenyan market, you can easily get them from Aqua Hub Kenya at affordable prices.

Types of Drip(Micro) Irrigation

  • Surface drip

Drip irrigation method that has the entire system of pipes and connections on the surface of the ground.

  • Sub-surface drip

It is a layout of drip or Micro Irrigation that has its mainline and sub mainline pipes laid underground.

  • Misters or Spray Irrigation

A method of using lower pressure devices that releases water in spray forms to the root surfaces of plants.

Such devices are called misters and may require pumps to work.

Components | Requirements for Drip(Micro) Irrigation


  • Water tanks or Source
  • Pumps for water sourced from wells.
  • Drip lines or pressure compensating emitters.
  • HDPE mainline pipes
  • Ball Control Valves
  • Flush or Check Valves
  • Drip Connectors
  • Drip Valves for Micro Irrigation
  • Water Irrigation Filters in Kenya
  • Fertilizer Kits
  • Misters | mist irrigation Kits
  • Drip hose
  • Stakes for Misters


  • Suitable for Various landscapes except steep or slopy areas.
  • Micro Irrigation is versatile and works better in controlled areas such as greenhouses.
  • You are capable of producing quality fruits, crops, and seeds as it is low disease prone.
  • Higher level of production is guaranteed.
  • It enables utilization of small gardens and backyards for farming.
  • You can easily manage and control Micro Irrigation systems as they do not require a manual to operate.
  • Installation and setup is easy and affordable.
  • There is no limit to a farm you can irrigate, it only depends on your resources availability.

Cost of Drip Irrigation in Kenya

The cost of Micro| drip Irrigation depends on the size of your farm and the crops you are planning to grow.
Drip irrigation Kits in Kenya for an Acre will cost you as per the number of driplines per bed.

Size / Lines Per Bed 1 Line 2 Lines 3 Lines
1 Acre 65,000 95,000 130,000
1/2 Acre 30,000 45,000 60,000
1/4 Acre 16,000 25,000 35,000
1/8 Acre 10,000 15,000 20,000

Suppliers of Drip Irrigation Systems in Kenya

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