Button Drippers

Button Drippers for Orchard Fruits in Kenya

Button Drippers for Orchard

Button drippers are often tailored to provide an effective water supply for orchard fruits and trees. Button drippers enhance sufficient irrigation for each plant or tree as they are spaced to match the plant spacing.

Water flows directly to the target root zones as there is no obstruction from contact with leaves or wind deflection.

Features of Button Drippers

  • Different colors are available; green, red, black, yellow, and blue. Sometimes colors denote the flow rate of a button dripper.
  • Flow rates vary as per the type – Can be 0-70 liters per hour for adjustable. Fixed flow rates for non-adjustable button drippers.
  • Easy to Clean, Open, and Operate – Threaded caps that are easy to open and close while cleaning them.

Why Button Drippers

The irrigation system meets the water requirements for each different orchard tree. The water supply meets the uniform distribution and therefore lowers the risk of excess or less watering, plant growth stress, and fungal diseases.

The method also enhances a higher rate of water conservation in orchard trees or fruit farms as the spacing is slightly bigger.

Another importance of button drippers in orchard irrigation is the versatile possibility to apply fertilizer in a precise way. By simple injection through fertilizer injectors, you can move soluble nutrients through irrigation lines to the trees.

Considerations When Designing a Button Drip Irrigation System

The quality of Irrigation water is important to consider in a button drip irrigation system. You need to have a quality filtration system to get rid of debris that clogs button dripper nozzles if left.

At times pressure control can be necessary. Even though the system can work on gravity force, it may require pressure for hilly landscapes. Therefore, the use of pressure regulators may be necessary to enhance water pressure control.

The spacing of the drippers should be even and balanced to ensure each crop receives a sufficient water rate for equal growth.

Positioning of the emitters should be at the top surface of the pipe to ensure that water flows to all the parts of the root zone around each tree.

The extent or size of the farm determines whether you need to use beds or connect button drippers directly on a PE delivery pipe.

How to Irrigate Crops with Button Drippers

To start crop irrigation with button drippers, you first need to purchase and install an effective button drip irrigation system. Quality button drippers, connection pipes and fittings come at affordable prices at Aqua Hub Kenya.

Connection and installation of Button Drippers is done best by our expert technicians. Our advantage is the faster installation and quality work.

Button dripper irrigation uses Mainline HDPE pipes to supply water to the delivery pipes that is connected to the barbed emitters. Button drippers contain threaded caps that can be opened and closed easily. For adjustable ones you can increase or lower the flow rate by opening or closing the gap.

For nonadjustable drippers, the caps cannot be adjusted thus the flow rates are standard. They can however come in different colors to denote various flow rates.

Button Drippers for Orchard


  1. Your trees and fruits can mature faster in an environment free from weeds. This means a fair share of nutrients, water, and sunlight.
  2. The uniform growth rate of your orchard trees enhances maturity to their full potential thus ensuring huge profitability.
  3. Zero Weed and disease risk as water falls directly to the root zones leaving no contact with leaves. In most fruits and plants, contact with water can lead to fungal diseases or the falling of the leaves.
  4. Control in your irrigation is possible and you can easily dictate the amount of irrigation to conduct on your trees.
  5. Cuts down water wastage by a maximum percentage since many areas in between the plant lines are dry.

How Much are Button Drippers in Kenya

Button drippers cost less of KES 13 each at Aqua Hub Kenya.  We have adjustable button drippers for Orchard fruits and trees.

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