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Mist Irrigation in Kenya

Mist Irrigation in Kenya

The most advanced level of greenhouse farming in Kenya and in-house controlled irrigation system is a mist irrigation system.
Mist irrigation in Kenya is an ideal way to irrigate crops in a greenhouse and lower the temperature of the environment by increasing humidity.
Misters convert or break water into a fog so that the area remains cooler and crops access water at the same time.

Purpose of Misters

Misters are used for cooling greenhouses during hot conditions or generally in hot areas to prevent excessive evaporation and drying of plants.

Types of Misters in Kenya

High Pressure Misters

Applicable for large or open spaces. Work at around 55 bars and above.

Medium Pressure Misters

Works at medium pressures of 6- 14 bars suitable for domestic and residential farms.

Low Pressure Misters

Works under normal low pressure of 2.4 – 5 bars. They are cheap and good for small areas such as greenhouses.

Components of Mist Irrigation Systems in Kenya

  • Nozzles
  • Tubing – connects to the nozzles.
  • Water Filter – 200 mesh
  • HDPE Mainline pipe
  • Water Pumps
  • Control Valves
  • Connectors
  • Lateral lines of 16mm diameter

How Misters Work

Mist irrigation supplies water under high pressure flow which is then turned into fine sprays by special nozzles. Moisture sprays absorb heat from the greenhouse environment and evaporate causing a cooling effect.

Working Principle of Mist Irrigation in Kenya

Mist irrigation works under the principles of Convection and evaporative cooling. When cold moisture encounters hot air in the environment, it absorbs heat in it.
The energy of the heat causes the moisture to evaporate leaving a cooling effect behind.

How to Install Misters in Kenya

  • Set up the mainline pipe and connect it to the water source.
  • Connect the mainline pipe to the laterals.
  • Connect a filter near the misters.
  • Join the laterals to the misters.
  • Connect the nozzles to the mister heads.

Maintenance of Mist Irrigation Systems

Misters are critical since the nozzles have very small nozzles; they clog easily. Therefore, you need to ensure that you apply filters near the misters.
In case your nozzles clog, you need to gently open it and clean it using vinegar to remove sticky dirt particles.

Benefits of Mist Irrigation in Kenya

  1. Mist Irrigation enhances indirect irrigation of plants, water does not directly meet plants, but the fine sprays supply enough moisture.
  2. Increased production due to sufficient water throughout the day.
  3. Temperature control is possible.
  4. There is less need for ventilation.
  5. Growing conditions are met in hotter regions.
  6. Plants are less likely to contract fungal infections.
  7. Water use is lower than sprinkler methods.
  8. Less costly and easy to use and maintain.
  9. The quality of produce is top due to sufficient moisture supply.

Application of Misters in Kenya

  • Temperature regulation in greenhouses, outdoor and in-house or glass house growing areas.
  • Water supply to greenhouse crops in hot areas.
  • Suppression of dust in building and construction sites. For example, road construction.

Prices of Misters in Kenya

Mist irrigation in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya at affordable prices. Depending on size and number of nozzles, misters price range from KES 300 – KES 1,000.

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