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How to Install Misters in Kenya

Misters in Kenya

Misters are small devices that supply mist or humid conditions for cooling hot greenhouse farming environments in Kenya.

Misters release moisture to the air to prevent burning or suffocation of greenhouse plants.

They are available in different types and sizes to select from.

Components of Misting Systems

  • Misting tubes
  • Mister Heads.
  • 200-micron filter
  • Tee connector for misters
  • Elbow misting connector.
  • Mainline water supply pipe
  • Adapter fitting
  • Pump-Booster

Common Features of Misters

Misters consist of 2–4 nozzles, depending on the type and application.

Flow rate – Differential flow rate that fluctuates with the number of nozzles and pressure rate of moving water. Can range from 600-800 l/min.

Suspended height – misters should be installed on a height of 2 to 3 m above the ground to ensure balance in humidity in all greenhouse parts.

Spacing – a spacing of misters 1 m apart is recommended.


How do Misters Operate?

Mister nozzles release mist or cold moisture to the atmosphere at various pressure levels. They can irrigate certain sections or one plant at a time, depending on the intervals or spacing of misters. Normally, misters work while suspended on the roof of a greenhouse. A mainline supply pipe connected with tee fittings that supply water to each mister is tied to the roof.

Micro Sprinklers

Some misters work under the base sections of tree and fruit canopies to cool and provide moisture to the roots.

How to Install Misters in Kenya

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  1. Plan and prepare for the installation of your preferred misters. First, you need to acquire misters of desired size and flow rate.
  2. Connect a mainline or water supply pipe to a water tank.
  3. Measure the distance from your mainline pipe connection to the section of the misters. Remember to add the height in which the tube will be suspended to release water from.
  4. Cut the pipes into pieces of 1 M apart.
  5. Use an adapter and connect a 200 filter at the start of the connection between the mainline pipe and riser pipe.
  6. Connect a riser pipe from the mainline pipe on the ground to reach the point where the misting tubes will be suspended from.
  7. Connect the 1 m pipe pieces using Misting Tee fittings.
  8. Attach or place your misting tube pipe on top of support poles. You can also use ropes to support the pipe onto the roof of the structure.
  9. Use a misting elbow fitting at the end of the pipe or tube.
  10. Connect misting tubes to each tee fitting to suspend vertically from the horizontal supply pipe.
  11. Connect mister nozzles to the misting tubes.
  12. Open the water supply to test the connection.

Application of Misters in Kenya

Misters are used to cool and reduce greenhouse temperature in hot areas.

They are applicable in fire suppression systems to put out fires.

Mist Irrigation of root zones of garden trees and fruits. Due to low water consumption and release of smooth sprays which do not cause soil erosion or affect leaves.

Spraying pesticides and chemicals to flowers and greenhouse plants such as tomatoes and capsicum.

Cost of Misters in Kenya

The price of misters in Kenya is as low as KES 550 depending on the type.

Where to Buy Misters in Kenya

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are misters?

Misters are irrigation accessories that release moisture through nozzles for cooling greenhouse environments.

How much water do misters use?

600–800 l/min.

What is the recommended spacing for misters?

1 m apart

What height do I install misters?

2.4 -3 m

What are the applications of misters?

Misters are for cooling temperatures in greenhouses environments.

What do I use to prevent clogging misters?


Why do misters fail clog?

Mister nozzles sometimes get filled with sand particles or soil due to supply of dirty river or tap water. The nozzles are very smaller and easily clogs.

How much do mister cost in Kenya?

Misters for micro irrigation cost KES 550

Where can I Buy Misters for greenhouses in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya

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