How to Splice a Pump

Splice a Pump

A Splice is the connection between the motor and the electric cable of a submersible water pump.
There are several splice kits for different pump sizes depending on the cable size.

Why Splice a Pump?

Waterproof rubber resin is applied on the joint to secure it and make it waterproof.
Poor connection is risky as it can cause resistance and may eventually lead to failure or damage to the pump and all devices in the system.

Requirements You need to Splice a Pump

  1.  Splice Kit with shrink tubes and stake-on electric connectors.
  2. Resin
  3. Crimping tool
  4. Cutting pliers
  5. Drill bit.
  6. Test kit or multimeter.
  7. Heat source.
  8. Hot air gun

How Splice Kits work

Splice kits have stake-on connectors which complete the circuit and prevent wires of different cable conducts from contact. Shrink tubing shrinks and makes the connection waterproof when heated.

Steps to Splice a Borehole Pump

  1. Strip off the insulation cover from the electric cable wire to ensure that wires are exposed about ½ inch.
  2. Match the wires to each other by colour or follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Insert the matching wires to a crimp connector.
  4. Slide a heat shrink tubing to each conductor wire.
  5. Crimp the stake onto the conductors.
  6. Move the shrink tube to the centre of the joint connection.
  7. Heat the shrink tubing covering the joint from one end to the other.
  8. Smear resin around the ends of the crimp joint to fill the gaps.
  9. Use a sealing tape to cover the joint from one end to the other.
  10. Test the Cable Splice joint with a multimeter.

Recommended Cable for Submersible Pump

Cables with UV treated sheath or plastic jacket covering with resistance to chemical corrosion and weather conditions. A flexible and pressure resistant cable is good for use in submersible pumps.

Choose the appropriate cable length for submersible applications. The cable should have the correct colours of the insulators matching to the standards of pump motors. A cable should withstand a temperature up to 90 degrees.

Advantages of Splicing a Pump Cable

  • Allows good electric conductivity between the source and the motor.
  • Prevents water from contact to cable wires and avoids damage to the motor, pump and system.
  • Makes the system functional for a long time.
  • Ensures there is continuous water supply as the pumps remains functional.
  • Less electric shortages.

Applications of Submersible Pump Cable Splicing

Suitable for industrial uses where waterproof connection is needed

Used in irrigation systems that rely on motor pumps

Swimming pools for light connection

Mining sites for power connection

Food Preserving systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you extend a submersible Pump Cable?

Use a splicing kit to connect the conductors of the wires together. Insert heat shrink tubing and attach the wires using a crimp connector. Slide the heat shrink tube to the middle and heat using hot gun. When it shrinks apply a tape on the joint and pour resin on the joint. Taste the connection using a Multimeter.

What type of Cable to use for Submersible Pump Connection?

Twisted Copper Cable

Where Can I Buy Submersible Pumps in Kenya?

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