Water Pumps

Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Prices of Water Pumps in Kenya

Water pump prices in Kenya are according to the size, power source, brand, and application. Did you know pumps are the basic requirements for most irrigation systems in Kenya? Different types of Water pumps in Kenya are available for affordable costs at Aqua Hub Kenya.

Choosing Water Pumps

Pump selection is a difficult activity for most people since most don’t know what to look at. Therefore, an informed decision is what you need to enjoy a luminous water supply scheme in your setting, despite a small or big farm.

Goals of a Quality Water Pump

There are certainly many pumps available to select from based on features. Moreover, to find the most convenient and suitable pump is not an easy task. For this reason, always go for effectiveness, brand new, and quality in a pump before deciding to risk it on your farming investment. Hence, the goal for a pump in your irrigation scheme should be a priority factor when considering which pump to buy for a successful investment.

Water Pump Prices

Factors to consider when Choosing Water Pumps for Irrigation

Before investing on a pump, have a look at the factors below.

Flow Rate

The rate of water that a pump can supply in each time or duration. Water Pumps for irrigation in Kenya with high flow rates take a shorter time to pump water, while those with low flow rates take longer.

However, the cost and power needs are high for higher flow rate pumps and low for lower flow rates.
Firstly, choose a pump that matches your desirable flow rates but then, also consider the cost of maintenance.

Quality of the Pump

Quality levels of pumps depend on brands and source manufacturers across the Globe. For instance, popular quality brands in Kenya such as Aico, Honda and Tiger brands. Since repair costs and risks of losses always choose quality water pumps obviously for long life of water supply and avoid repair costs.

Suction Height

Suction Height is the height of the source of water. It is wise to go for a Pump with a suction height that matches the depth of your water source. A pump never pumps water in any case the suction height is smaller than the depth of the water source

Distance of Water distribution

Distance of distribution varies depending on the brand and size of the pump. Consider the discharge distance of a pump as per the distance of your water point to the destination of the water supply. In any case your water source is far from the point of use, go for a big size and higher-pressure pump.

Pressure Rating of a Pump

Common pressure differences exist in various brands and sizes of pumps. The pressure level is directly proportional to the flow rate and power consumption of a pump. Our pumps vary in pressure ranges of 0.5 – 4 Hp.

High pressure irrigation systems use pumps to supply water in high pressure for effective delivery. For example, sprinkler irrigation in Kenya requires pumps with high pressure rating to enhance efficient water supply to crops.

Water Pump prices

You can only get the pump of your choice if you can afford it. It is good to consider choosing a quality pump while also looking within your budget limit. Water Pump prices in Kenya ranges from KES 15,000 – KES 100,000 depending on the size and brand of the pump.

How do Pumps work?

The pump inlet suck water from the source. Then, the impeller directs it to the outlet pipes by creating a vacuum through its movement which allows water flow.

Types of Water Pumps in Kenya

Water Pumps certainly fall into three categories.

Pumps as per the mode of Operation

  • Centrifugal Pumps – Common pumps that uses paddles to suck liquid.
  • Gear Pumps – Uses pins which rotate on different directions to push water into the inlet.
  • Diaphragm Pumps – The diaphragm rotates and
  • Piston Pumps

According to Application

  • Submersible Pumps, which are completely immersible in water. Their surfaces are completely closed with metal surface and operate on electricity but can also work on solar energy.
  • Surface Pumps which apply for supplying water on the ground surfaces. For example, surface pumps for lawn sprinklers in Kenya.
  • Lift Pumps for lifting water to raised tanks from boreholes or deep wells.
  • Booster pumps – f0r, increasing the pressure of water in an irrigation system.

According to Source of Power

  • Electric Pumps – Requires electricity to pump water. Electric pumps are fairly cheap to buy and use though they have a less long lifespan.
  • Petrol Pumps/Diesel Pumps – Most commonly used pumps that require petrol or diesel fuel to operate. They are still most suitable for application in rural areas where electricity is a problem. Sometimes they are used in semi-urban areas too.
  • Solar Water Pump – Solar Pumps make use of solar/ sunlight energy to pump water.  Solar panels  immediately harness solar energy and transmits it to inverter through cable for conversion to AC current when the sun shines.

Water Pump Prices

Specifications of Water Pumps and prices

Outlet Size (inch) Voltage (DC) Power (watts) Max Head (m) Flow rate (ml/h)
½ 12 V 150 w 25 m 0.6 m3 l/h
¾ 24 V 210 w 34 m 1.2 m3 l/h
1 48 V 400 w 50 m 3 m3 l/h
72 V 750 w 63 m 5.2 m3 l/h
90 V 750 w 75 m 3.8 m3 l/h
2 110 v 1100 w 85 m 21 m3 l/h

Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Model/ Brand of the Pump Size of the Pump (inches) Price (KES.)
 AICO 2                                   18,000.00
AICO 3                                   20,000.00
HONDA 2                                   40,000.00
HONDA 3                                   43,000.00

Solar Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Prices of Solar water Pumps in Kenya ranges from KES 15,0000 – KES 100,000 depending on the size and individual flow rates of the pump.

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  1. What are Pumps?
    Pumps are devices that use power to pump or supply water from one place to the point of use.
  2. Which Irrigation Systems require Pumps?
    Irrigation system that operates under high pressure. For example, sprinkler, rain hose, pop-up sprinkler and overhead sprinkler irrigation.
  3. Which types of Water Pumps in Kenya are available?
    • Electric pumps
    • Solar water  pumps
    • Fuel Powered pumps (diesel/petrol)
    • Submersible
    • Centrifugal
    • Lift Pumps
  4. Where can I buy Water Pumps in Kenya?
    1. Aqua Hub Kenya without a doubt
  5. What are the Applications of water Pumps?
    • Firstly, supply of water for domestic use
    • Pumping water to storage tanks and containers
    • Suction of water from wells, boreholes, and dams.
    • Supplying water to farms for irrigation purposes.
    • In addition to farm water distribution, industries need pumps for supply of water