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Solar Pump Systems in Kenya

Solar Pump Systems in Kenya

Remote areas are the most perfect places to work with solar water pump systems in Kenya. You can tap solar energy and benefit greatly from it with just a lower one-time payment and installation plan.

Why Farmers Need Solar Pumps systems in Kenya

Solar water pumps work perfectly for both small scale and large-scale growers in low rainfall parts of the country. Solar pumps are effective and will cost you way less than petrol or diesel water pumps.
With the recent fuel crisis and rising cost of agricultural inputs, dive into solar pumps to reduce the cost of production.

Features of Our Solar Pumps

Outlet Size (inch) Voltage (DC) Power (watts) Max Head (m) Flow rate (ml/h)
½ 12 V 150 w 25 m 0.6 m3 l/h
¾ 24 V 210 w 34 m 1.2 m3 l/h
1 48 V 400 w 50 m 3 m3 l/h
72 V 750 w 63 m 5.2 m3 l/h
90 V 750 w 75 m 3.8 m3 l/h
2 110 v 1100 w 85 m 21 m3 l/h

Components of Solar Pump Systems

Solar Pump Systems in Kenya

  • Pump
    A submersible solar water pump or a surface water pump with high pressure within the required range as per the needs of the client.
  • Solar Panels
    Made of a surface absorber material with photovoltaic cells that absorb solar energy.
  • Inverter
    Converts direct current to alternating current so that it cannot damage the pump.
  • Power Cable
    Transmits current from the source solar panels to the submersible pump.
  • Pipes
    HDPE or PVC pipes in Kenya for supplying water from the source to the point of storage or directly to the farm.
  • Water Tanks
    A plastic tank or concrete tank to store water for future needs. .
  • Regulator
    Controls the pump and prevents it from damage incase the water gets lower on the source.
  • Automatic Switch
  • Backup Batteries
  • Solar Mounting Structures

Installing Solar Pump Systems in Kenya

  1. Before you install the water pumps on your Site, first access the depth and where to supply water to.
  2. Purchase Solar pumps, solar panels and all accessories depending on the size of your project.
  3. Choose a suitable area for setting up solar panels.
  4. Install solar panels and connect them to the inverters.
  5. Connect the inverters to the solar pumps.
  6. Insert the submersible pump into the water source.
  7. Start the system.

Setting Up Solar Pumps Systems in Kenya

Solar panels require a high or raised place free from trees and other structures so that it can absorb maximum sunlight.
The inverter is installed under the roof of the structure so that it does not get damaged by rain or sunlight.

Cables connect the inverter and the solar panels to enhance solar energy transfer.

How Solar Water Pumps work

Instead of a fuel pump, solar water pump systems in Kenya use the sun’s energy to pump water from the source, be it a well, dam or reservoir. The water pump is connected to a solar panel which taps sunlight and transmits it to a converter.
The converter changes solar energy to electric energy, which operates the solar pump.

Benefits of Solar Pumps

  1. The cost of operating solar pumps is very economical since you always rely on free solar energy to supply power.
  2. The ease of working with solar pumps is evident, once the installation is done, anyone can operate them.
  3. Installation and maintenance of solar pumps is easier and less time-consuming.
  4. Solar Pump systems in Kenya are reliable to pump water for irrigation and domestic use. You can always supply water to your farm during the dry seasons and manage to produce higher yields.
  5. Pumps are versatile and applicable in all types of water supply projects. You can use them for pumping domestic water, irrigation water, water for animal use or industrial water.
  6. Solar Pump Systems in Kenya are affordable, you can get them for less at Aqua Hub Kenya.
  7. Environmentally friendly to use. Solar Pumps do not release harmful energy, chemicals, or gases to the environment. It only makes use of solar energy to promote green environment formation.
  8. Applicable in remote and various landscapes. Solar panels and pump systems can be installed in flat or slopy terrains depending on the distance from the water source.

Solar Pump Prices in Kenya

Outlet Size (inch) Voltage (DC) Prices
½ 12 V 58,000
¾ 24 V 77,000
1 48 V 86,000
72 V 95,000
90 V 110,000
2 110 v 125,000

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