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Solar Water Pumps Prices in Kenya

Solar Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Using Solar Pumps is a cheap and convenient option to consider in your water pumping needs.

Solar Water Pumps : Sun-powered water for crops

Solar pumps are pumps that use solar energy (sun power) to draw water from the source to the point of use.
These types of pumps are integrated or connected with solar panels and cables that enhance energy efficiency transfer to the motor.


Outlet Size (inch) Voltage (DC) Power (watts) Max Head (m) Flow rate (m3 l/h)
½ 12 V 150 w 25 m 0.6 m3 l/h
¾ 24 V 210 w 34 m 1.2 m3 l/h
1 48 V 400 w 50 m 3 m3 l/h
72 V 750 w 63 m 5.2 m3 l/h
90 V 750 w 75 m 3.8 m3 l/h
2 110 v 1100 w 85 m 21 m3 l/h

Why Solar Pumps are Great for Kenyan Farmers

Most large-scale farmers are based in rural areas where electricity is not accessible. Therefore, these farmers spend more on fuel pumps to irrigate their crops and end up gaining less or no profit in the end.
In addition to higher cost of running fuel pumps, other sustainable irrigation methods are costly to start for lower budget farmers or beginners. To cut down this cost, we offer cheap and lower maintenance cost solar pumps.

No Fuels, No Bills:  Pumps Simplified

Solar irrigation water pumps offer the cheapest means to irrigate your crops as you only need to spend money once during purchase and maybe less on maintenance.
Pumps are priceless, they use the free solar energy available to enhance water availability in your farms, homes, and animal use.

Once you install them on your homes or farms, you start enjoying uninterrupted water supply to your farms unless it gets damaged.

Access Water Easily on Your Farm

Solar water pumps are highly efficient for both low- and high-pressure water pumping applications depending on the power they generate.
To install and proceed to operate solar water pumps in your farms or homes, you need the following components.

Solar Water Pump Prices in Kenya

  1.  Solar Mounting structure – a steel metal structure that will hold your solar panels in place for better sunlight energy capture and protection from theft.
  2. Solar Panel – the actual devices that capture sunlight energy. Solar energy ranges from 250 watts- 350 watts.
  3. Back-up batteries – stores solar energy for use during low sunlight or rainy periods. You can use 100 or 200 AH batteries to provide pumping power.
  4. Solar inverter – Solar inverter is a device that converts direct current to electric current. The solar energy captured by the solar panels is a direct current and cannot be used directly in solar pumps.
  5. Multi Circuit Case Breaker (MCCB) – MCCB provides protection against overload, short circuit faults and is also used for switching the circuits.
  6. Charge controller
  7. AVS – An automatic Voltage Switch that prevents power surges in the solar energy system. The aim is to enhance uninterruptible power supply to the water pumps.
  8. Insulated Solar Cable – Transfer direct current from solar panel to the solar inverter.
  9. Solar Water Pump – actual solar water pump
  10. Accessories

How Solar Pumps Helps Beat Drought

Solar water pumps are the best for a long dry season farming. You can produce a lot of vegetables, onions, tomatoes, fruits, and maize. They work in wells, boreholes and reservoirs or dams so long as the water level is reliable to enhance water suction.
Solar pumps are movable from one place to another easily, since they are light and portable.
You can operate pumps easily; connection is easy and simple since we provide the installation guide and a technician to do it at an affordable price.

Choosing a Solar Pump: A farmer’s Guide

  • It is important to make a good decisive choice when acquiring a solar water pump. You must always consider the power and flow rate of a pump before deciding to purchase it.
  • Also look at the quality and brand of the pump, always consider popular and quality brands who have experience in pumps and water supply accessories.
  • Aqua Hub is among the reliable solar pump suppliers in Kenya with effective solar pump sizes and accessories.
  • The pump you purchase will determine your water supply efficiency and availability in domestic settings and farm needs.

Solar Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Solar Water Pump Prices in Kenya: Eco-Friendly and Cost Saving

Purchasing water pumps is highly affordable and at the same time less economical to decide investing in.
The cost of running solar water pumps is eco-friendly; you can cut down all the bills coupled with other pumping devices.

Outlet Size (inch) Voltage (DC) Prices
½ 12 V 58,000
¾ 24 V 77,000
1 48 V 86,000
72 V 95,000
90 V 110,000
2 110 v 125,000

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