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Mulching Papers in Kenya: Preventing Moisture loss

Mulch Films in Kenya

Mulch Films(papers) in Kenya. They cover soil surface and protects soil from drying in the zones near the roots of crops. This ensures that moisture remains in the soil and is available for crop growth when scarce.
Using mulching films allows you to save much on the cost of irrigating your crops. For this reason, most growers are using mulching covers in semi-arid areas to increase production levels.

Mulching Paper in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

The best mulching films to use are from Aqua Hub Kenya, they are made of quality and UV treated polythene material.

UV treatment makes the polythene film resistant to harmful UV rays and damage from harsh environmental conditions.
Another great thing about our films is the ability to apply in several types of soil.

They do not react with soil or prevent water and nutrient availability in the soil.


  • Mulch papers are black and shiny in color. The dark color enhances soil warmth which is good for plant and root growth. The shiny surface reflects too much heat away so that it does not burn the film.
  • Available in different thickness levels ranging from 20 to 80 microns.
  • Mulch films are waterproof thus good for retaining moisture in the soil. Any moisture evaporating falls back on the soil.

Which Crops are Suitable for Mulch Films?

Mulch Films for farming in Kenya are good for high value crops such as fruits and vegetables. It is economical to use mulch films for several crops short term crops. It is also important to know that mulch films are for short crops.

  • Tomatoes
  • Strawberries
  • Grafted avocado
  • Papaya
  • Broccoli
  • Kales

Mulch papers are not good for root tubers.

How to Apply Mulch Films on Your Crops

Mulch Films in Kenya


The application depends on the type of soil and crop you want to protect against moisture loss.

When installing mulch films decide on the length and thickness that will be good for your soil type. Mulch films for farming in Kenya are suitable for crops spaced under equally  in open field beds or in a greenhouse.

When you opt for mulch films you will need to install drip irrigation Kits first since the cover is inconvenient for rainfall or any other irrigation methods.

Rainwater cannot fall on the soil directly; water reaches crops through wetting from uncovered surfaces.
Install mulch films on the plant line and make holes on the paper to uncover your crops.

Good Impact of Mulching Papers in Kenya to the Soil

Mulch paper prevents nutrient leaches and soil degradation.

Soil nutrients such as organic matter and salts such as calcium and phosphorous are preserved for plant use.
Mulching films makes the soil moist, loose and moist and allows the root plant networks to develop.

Advantages of Mulching Films

  • Plants grow and mature faster because they get all the necessary nutrients and moisture for plant processes.
  • Air can circulate inside the mulch films; installation should be done to make air available to the soil.
  • Mulch paper prevents weed growth in crop fields. It entirely blocks light and water from the soil to suppress weed growth.
  • Lowers the cost of weeding and irrigation.
  • Mulch covers are sustainable solutions to reducing the spread of pests and diseases.
  • As the pest accumulation reduces, over reliance to pesticides reduces and hence you can lower soil pollution.
  • Low effect of soil erosion as the cover protects soil waterlogging or surface water flow.

Use Of Mulch Covers

Mulching films are applicable in preventing moisture loss and weed growth in crop fields.

They can also be used in greenhouses and shade houses.

Preparation of silage or fermentation of animal feeds.

Prices of Mulch Films in Kenya

We have 80-micron mulch paper for sale in Kenya at KES 45/= per Square meter each at Aqua Hub Kenya.

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