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Mulching papers in Kenya

Mulching papers in Kenya

Mulching cover is a synthetic polythene anti-weed cover that is used to prevent the growth of weeds or unwanted plants in a certain area. Aqua Hub Kenya Sells quality mulching papers, with UV resistance. We offer affordable Mulch Paper Prices in Kenya to all clients.

The material is a totally lightproof material, blocks light and air thus preventing germination and growth of weeds in a farm.

Benefits of Using Mulching Paper

  1. Mulching papers cover the surfaces between plants thereby reducing the effect of weeds on plant growth. These covers hold the soil onto the ground, thus reducing the risk of soil erosion during rainy and windy days.
  2. Moisture retention is another benefit of mulching paper. With mulching paper, low water loss occurs, meaning that you can cut the costs and water requirement for irrigation.
  3. A mulch paper is an environmentally friendly material. It does not pollute the environment or release any harmful substances despite being non-biodegradable. With the ability to be recycled, you can remove the cover once the farming period is done and reuse elsewhere.
  4. Application of mulching covers helps lower the need and use of herbicides, which pollute the environment and reduces fertility.
  5. It is easy to install and remove mulching covers. A very easier DIY (Do It on Your own) approach exists, we will guide you to ensure successful installation.


  • Light and translucent polythene material – The material of polythene has light density hence not light for ease of carrying and installing.
  • Thickness level – available in 60 and 80 micron thickness sizes.
  • Waterproof –They are less permeable. It does not allow water loss from the soil through evaporation.
  • Black or Silver colours – To absorb or reflect heat depending on the growth stage of plants. Black colours are good for farming and prevention of weed growth in farms and orchards.
  • Durable – The material for producing mulching covers is UV treated, does not get damaged from exposure to UV radiation.

Choosing Mulching Covers

When making a choice for a good mulching paper, you must always consider the following factors:


The material of a mulch paper conveys its quality and effectiveness. HDPE made mulching cover is the best for farm use.  Popular brands in Kenya sell quality mulching films in Kenya.


Cost is a matter of concern for ensuring that you get the best mulching paper for your plants.


Buy a size that covers the entire piece of land or greenhouse you want to mulch.

Thickness size

You can choose a thickness size from a range of thickness level starting from 15-100 micron sizes. Lower size crops such as vegetables and greenhouse plants are suitable for 15- 80 micron size.

Installing a Mulching Paper

To place mulching cover on a plant environment, it all depends on whether you are using it in a green house or open garden.
Lay and spread the paper over the plant bed.
Ensure that it extends the size of the bed so that you can bury some extended parts to act as anchor or hold it to the ground.
Perforate holes for planting spaced according to plant lines or type of crops.

Applications of Mulching Covers

  • The primary use of mulching covers is for weed control. Used as weed prevention in farms.
  • Prevention of water loss in gardens and backyards.
  • Weed control in green houses and shade houses.
  • They are ground covers in Solar dryers.
  • Landscaping

Mulching Paper Prices in Kenya

The cost of mulching film varies per square meter. We have 60 and 80 micron thickness levels at the following prices:

60 microns –  KES 55 per square meter.

80 microns – KES 60 per square meter.

Where to Purchase a Mulching Paper in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has quality mulching paper for sale in Kenya.
Call 0790719020 for orders.