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0.75mm Dam Liner in Kenya

0.75mm Dam Liner in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya LTD supplies dam liners of 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.75 mm and 1 mm thickness. Our dam liners are made of new HDPE materials with high strength. Get quality long-lasting 0.75mm Dam Liner in Kenya from our shop.

Enjoy our attractive prices, custom sizes and quick deliveries to all parts of Kenya.

Why you need 0.75 mm Dam Liner

A high density dam liner of 750-micron gauge for preventing leakages and possible water loss from cracks in dams and ponds. The longevity of a 0.75 mm gauge is higher than 0.5, probably 15–20 years.

Description of 0.75 mm Dam Liner

  • Higher UV resistance for long term durability.
    0.75 mm Dam Liners in Kenya re heavy, they can hold large volumes of water without damage.
  • Hard and highly resistant to tear wear and corrosion.
  • Heavier than 0.5 mm and is good for semi-permanent use in projects such as roads, mining sites and water projects.
  • The surfaces are smooth and slippery to prevent wear that can occur from friction.
  • Black Surfaces to absorb heat and lose it to the surrounding in concrete surfaces. The expansion and construction of concrete floors can result in cracks.

Which type of Soil for 0.75 mm dam liner

Provided of its density and abrasion,0.75mm dam liner is good for medium size to large long-term projects. The suitable soil is murram and rocky soil surfaces to ensure no punctures can occur from friction.

Uses of 0.75mm Dam Liner in Kenya 

  1. Lining of Dams, reservoirs, and tunnels.
  2. Long term medium to large construction projects. Since the liner is used as a mat in construction and welding sites, heavy trucks step on it when offloading construction materials. Therefore, it needs to be strong to resist damage.
  3. Fish pond lining in aquatic farming.
  4. Concrete tank lining
  5. Sewage and septic tank reinforcement to lower leakages and prevent corrosion of soil.
  6. Seals in water treatment plants
  7. Mining sites and construction projects as safety mats.

0.75mm Dam Liner Price in Kenya

The cost of a 0.75mm liner is KES 330 per square meter. The cost increases as thickness size increases.

Dam Liner Supplier in Kenya

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