Dam Liners

Dam Liners in Kenya | Geomembranes

Dam Liners or Geomembranes in Kenya

dam liners in Kenya | Geomembranes or a pond liner. The term refers to a material used to cover the surface of the earth or earth soil cover. It has the features that enhance zero water leakage (waterproof) and thereby can be used as a material to boost water availability in dams or storage tanks.


  • Made of hard and flexible plastic materials
  • Thickness/ Gauges vary in sizes 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, and 1.0 mm.
  • Length of 100 m
  • 8 m wide.
  • Black color
  • Durable for more than 20 years.
  • Installation on site at affordable prices
  • Quotes for all gauges are available.

Geomembranes | Dam Liners in Kenya

 Features of  Dam Liners in Kenya | Geomembranes


Dam Liners are made from hard plastic polymer materials such as High Density Polythene, Polyvinyl Chloride and Low Density Polythene. These materials are hard and capable of withstanding harsh weather and high temperatures, thus suitable.
They are versatile and can be applied in many areas that deal with water and industrial uses.

Folding and Packing

Geo membranes are easy to drape, fold or pull. Just like mats or sheets they can spread and cover a surface or coil to a metal rod for easier packaging. When installing them you just unfold or spread it and measure the required length and width to use.

Cutting and Welding

A good feature of dam liners is the ease to cut and join during installation. When problems of dam shapes, long dams’ lengths than dimensions, you can cut into certain shapes and join in through welding. Welding is the fusion of two geomembrane pieces using heat. Heat melts them, and it cools on air exposure to form a joint which is hard to tear or leak water.

Best Dam Lining Geomembrane

HDPE dam liners are UV treated and therefore can resist heavy UV radiation levels and stand out above all other types of dam liners in Kenya. They are highly durable and denser thus can withstand tears, abrasion, and friction.

Installation of Dam liners in Kenya | Geomembranes

We install dam liners to clients at customer friendly prices. Once you purchase and need to be offered installation services, we are available to visit your site for inspection. Once we establish the suitable size and thickness gauge for your project, it is then good to start the project.
You then pay for the liner, and we can proceed to install the liner on your dam.
The requirements or process to install are:

  1.  Preparing the dam. You need to excavate a flat and suitable soil (should have a strong and stable Structure to enhance stability)
  2. Soften the surface of the dam or pond by getting rid of stones and other objects.
  3. Measurements for your dam. We can help you take the measurements if you cannot be able to.
  4. Digging trenches 1 M wide and 2 feet deep around the dam to hold the liner.
  5. Installation of the dam liner.
  6. Covering the dam liner on the trenches for additional support.

Applications of Dam Liners in Kenya | Geomembranes

  1. Used in fish ponds to reinforce water retention.
  2. To prevent leakages in sewage, septic tanks, and water treatment plants.
  3. To provide leakage free storage of water in dams for future irrigation and domestic use
  4. To cover mining surfaces and act as mats for safety in minefields.
  5. To cover leaking gas fields in mining areas.
  6. Concrete tanks to prevent water leakages.
  7. Construction concrete slabs in houses to prevent underground water seepage that often destroys concrete.

Geomembranes | Dam Liners in Kenya

   Dam Liners Prices in Kenya | Geomembranes

The cost of dam liners varies according to thickness levels of the liner. The cost of our dam liners as per thickness sizes:

Where to Buy Dam Liners in Kenya

Dam Liners are available at Aqua Hub Kenya. All thickness levels for lining of dams, ponds, and tanks at affordable prices.
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