Dam Liners

Dam Liners in Kenya | Dam Liner Prices in Kenya

Dam Liners in kenya

Dam Liners in Kenya | Dam Liner Prices in Kenya

Dam Liners in Kenya | Dam Liner Prices in Kenya ( Dam Liners) are waterproof Plastic materials used for collecting and enhancing water retention by preventing water loss and evaporation in Dams, reservoirs, and Ponds. They are suitable for highly permeable soil areas.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Dam Liners for Water Harvesting

Dam Liner Companies in Kenya (Aqua Hub Kenya) recommends that customers accurate dimensions of the dams which needs to be fitted with dam liners.

  • Type of Dam Liner materialMost Dam Liners materials uses HDPE Geo Membranes that are UV Treated
  • Size of the Dam-Huge Dams requires some specific types of Pond Liners 
  • Thickness of the Dam linerThe roughness of the dam and the volumes will dictate the thickness of the dam liner to be used available sizes includes: 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm,0.75 mm & 1 mm


Dam Liners in kenya

Dam Liners in kenya

How to Join Dam Liners | How to weld and Install Dam Liners

  •  Place your two dam liners on a flat ground surface.
  • Join the two dam liners to intersect across each other on a straight line.
  • Carry out the actual welding using the welding machine.
  • Seal any holes that might be there.

Installing Dam liners is a process which needs a lot of care and assistance by technicians to prevent the material from tearing.

Dam Liner Installation Process in Kenya

  • Dam digging– Considering the dam size, a dam can be dug using hoes ( Manually) or machines such as excavators and bulldozers. Machines will be appropriate for deep and wide Dams.
  • Smoothening of the dam-Removing objects that can damage the dam liner. e.g., stones, roots, etc.
  • Digging Trenches -Trenches are dug around the dam to hold the dam liners to the ground. The size of the trench will depend on the size of the Dam and thickness of the liner. Normally 1 foot deep and 1 feet wide trenches are used.
  • Dam Liner installation – The Dam liner should be checked before installation to ensure it has no leakage holes. The dam liner is then fitted in the dam and an allowance placed in the trenches and covered with soil for positioning.
  • Water Supply-Water is then filled in the reservoir once the process of installation is complete.

How Durable are Dam Liners | How long-lasting are dam liners?

Dam Liners for constructing dams needs to be made from the best materials to ensure that it lasts long. Effective dam liners should be made from new UV treated material to increase durability. Quality dam liners can last between 10–30 years, depending on the thickness and gauge.

Cost of Dam Liners in Kenya| Dam Liner Price in Kenya

Gauge/ Thickness  Cost per sq’m
0.30 mm KES. 210/-
0.50 mm KES. 240/-
0.75 mm KES.330/-
1.00 mm KES. 410/-

How to calculate the size of Dam Liner Needed | Dam Liner Calculator

Type of Pond / Dam How to Calculate the Liner  Welding Cost Volume of the Dam / Pond in cubic. Metres
Rectangular/ Square/ Trapezium {Length + 3 ( Height)} by {Width + 3(Height)} 20/- per sq.m (Length x Width x Height )
Convert the answ. Into Litres.

Where to buy Dam Liners in Kenya| Dam Liner Suppliers in Kenya

Dam Liners for sale in Kenya are available at Aqua Hub Kenya. We offer quality and long-lasting Dam liners at an affordable price.

Visit our offices in Nairobi located along the Eastern Bypass at BENEDICTA- UTAWALA or ELDORET at JAMBONI ANNEX .
Call : 0790719020   or email info@aquahubkenya.co.ke.

Dam Liner Installation Charges in Kenya
Dam liner Thickness Installation Cost  Per sq.m
0.30 mm KES. 10 /-
0.50 mm KES. 15 /-
0.75 mm KES.20 /-
1.00 mm KES.25/-