Dam Liners

Dam Liners for Water Management in Kenya

Dam Liners

Dam liners are artificial covers that we use for water availability in our dams, fishponds, and reservoirs. Dam Liners for Sale in Kenya are available at affordable rates in Aqua Hub Kenya.

We can only maintain water by ensuring that we seal all the leakage or draining points in the ground. Most places have loose or less compact soil which drains water easily and may not be suitable for placing dams. There is no need to worry about such inconveniences if at all you want to build a dam at such areas for irrigation and storage of domestic water. A Dam liner will protect your dams from any possible seepage to the ground by offering a waterproof covering.

Using Dam Liners in Kenya: Water Management

The Importance of Dam Liners in Kenya for Water Management

Dam Liners provide a waterproof surface layer that prevents water loss in water sources. Using it helps curb the inconveniences of water scarcity in your farms.
A dam liner is a good future investment in farming and water access. You can tap running water during rainy seasons or store water from wells and utilize it for irrigation farming or home use.
Dam liners enhance food security by allowing continuous food production in low rainfall areas and other agriculturally productive regions. Consistent agricultural production means sufficient food and income generation for farmers in Kenya.

Types of Dam Liners in Kenya

Dam liners are available in different types which are suited for various climatic and soil properties in Kenya.

HDPE Dam Liners

Dam liners which are made of High-Density Polythene material. HDPE dam liners have a high tensile strength and resistance to abrasion. They do not tear or wear easily and are therefore suitable for application in rough soil and complex dam lining or construction projects.
HDPE liners are UV treated and high durable thus suitable for porous soil zones.

PVC Dam Liners

Dam Liners made of polyvinyl chloride materials. They are light and flexible, easier installation and packaging. Meant for less porous and soft soil regions.

Low Density HDPE Dam Liner

They are made of low-density HDPE materials. Highly flexible and light with UV treated properties. They can sustain your dams water retention for quite a long time. Suitable for medium soil texture.

Installation and Maintenance: Ensuring Dam Liner Longevity

Dam lining require precision during installation to enhance a long and effective lifespan of water sustainability in your farms. To ensure you beat drought effects, you need to ensure you get a quality dam liner and conduct a proper installation


  1. You need to first set aside a suitable place to construct your dam. A suitable place must be flat, free from trees and rocks or settlement.
  2. Choose a standard or preferred size of a dam depending on the size of your farming project or water requirements. We help you decide on which dam size you want if you don’t have an idea.
  3. Excavate or dig the area to establish a perfect dam size. Ensure the base of the dam is flat and the side walls are slanted to ease the process of dam liner installation.
  4. Dig trenches of 1 M depth and 1 M width around the edges of the dam. The essence is to help hold the dam liner on to the dam.
  5. Actual dam liner installation process begins. We spread the liner to cover the entire dam and bury the extension on the trenches around the dam.

If the liner does not the entire dam, we join it with another liner through welding process. Welding enhances perfect joining of dam liners without any leakage parts.

Benefits of Using Dam Liners for Water Storage in Kenya

  • Dam liners are good environmentally friendly. They do not react with water or pollute soil in any way.
  • They are less permeable hence can retain water for very long periods provided the water is shielded to prevent evaporation.
  • Dam liners are black in color. They can absorb heat and balance water temperature for warm conditions suitable for fish growth and development.
  • UV treatment enables dam liners to last for a very long time without damage from Ultraviolet heat of the sun.
  • A Dam liner lower the cost of buying or supplying water for agricultural and domestic use. Once get a liner, you can protect your water reserves from running low and thus secure your farm productivity.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Dam Liners in Kenya for Small Holder Farmers

Dam liners for sale are available at different prices at suppliers and manufacturers all Parts of Kenya.
Aqua Hub  liners are the cost-effective water storage solutions for small holder farmers to large scale farmers who want to store water.

Our liners are available in Various thickness levels;

  • 0.3 mm
  • 0.5 mm
  • 0.75 mm
  • 1.0 mm

Dam Liner Prices in Kenya are as follows;

0.3 mm » KES 150

0.5 mm » KES 230

0.75 mm » KES 340

1.0 mm »KES 450

Our Liners are quality affordable and long-lasting HDPE resins sourced from Reputable manufacturers.
We have quality and affordable dam liners  for sale in Kenya to salvage water supply in your farms.

Real Life Applications: Success Stories of Dam Liners in Kenya

When it comes to applications, dam liners are versatile hence valuable for anyone who wants to generate income. Some common uses are:

  1.  Water retention in a dam, pond or reservoir.
  2. Preventing Water seepage in Fishponds
  3. Reinforcing Leaking Concrete tanks
  4. Covering septic tanks and sewage systems.

Using Dam Liners in Kenya: Water Management

Since we began installing dam liners to various clients, we have conducted multiple projects that have been successful and still in good condition today. Our clients’ reviews shows our good work are benefitting clients to up their agricultural output and better their lives.

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