Dam Liners

Dam Lining in Kenya : How to Select the Best Liner

Dam Lining in Kenya

Dam Lining in Kenya is a modern water conservation for storing water in dams, ponds, concrete tanks and reservoirs. Water is harvested and can be effectively used for irrigation and domestic water supply. Dam Liners in Kenya have wide range of applications ranging from water storage, construction and sewage treatment plants due to their waterproof and tensile strength.

Dam Liners Suppliers in Kenya

Pond and Dam Liners are available in different types and thickness levels ranging from 0.3 mm to 1mm at Aqua Hub Kenya. We mainly deal with Supply and installation of HDPE dam liners to clients in all parts of Kenya.
Dam liners are the best waterproof materials to secure and prevent water leakages in your dams, tanks, and concrete tanks.

Specifications of Dam Liners in Kenya

  • Dam Liners are smart, waterproof covers water cannot soak or leak through it.
  • A dam liner folds easily and makes packaging and transporting easier.
  • Dam liners have a dark color, which makes it absorb and loose temperature easily to prevent damage from heat.
  • HDPE dam liners are UV treated materials thus not susceptible to UV radiation effects.
  • Thickness sizes of dam liners are available in 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1mm.
  • Dam Liner rolls have standard lengths of 8 m and width of 50 m.

What to Consider when Choosing Dam liners in Kenya

Thickness of a Lining material

Dam Liners have various thickness levels including 0.3 mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1 mm. Each specific thickness size has suitable application and lifespan.
You can choose a thicker liner for longer durability.

Types of Dam | pond Liners in Kenya

There are several types of Dams liners : HDPE, PVC, and Low Density Polyethene dam liners. High Density Polythene Quality Dam liners are made of UV treated resins and can withstand a long period of harsh weather conditions.


Always consider highly durable dam liners so that you can lower the cost of replacing or repairing a liner. UV treated and affordable dam liners are the best and most durable liners to use. However, durability depends on the thickness level; thicker liners are more durable than less thicker ones.

 Calculating the Size of the Dam Lining material you Need

To identify the size of the dam liner, you need to record measurements of your dam. The dimensions and method to find the area of the dam liner needed will depend on the shape of the dam or tank.
For a square or rectangular dam, the formula is (Length + 2 Depth + 2m) x (width + 2 depth + 2 m).
The extra 2 m on both sides is for the extension which is anchored on the soil to hold the liner.
For a rectangular or square liner with slanting edges; formula is (length + 2 slanting edges + 2m) x (width + 2 slanting edges + 2m).

Dam Liner Prices in Kenya

The Cost of Dam Lining in Kenya depends on the size and thickness level of the dam liner you need. The higher the thickness level, the higher the price of the liner.
Our Prices.
0.3 mm liner – KES 150
0.5 mm liner – KES 230
0.75 mm liner – KES 330
1 mm liner – KES 450

Where to Purchase Dam Liners in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has Quality materials and installations services of Dam Lining in Kenya. We supply and install dam liners, pond liners and concrete tank liners to our clients. We charge dam liners per unit square meter.

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