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0.5mm Dam Liner in Kenya

0.5mm Dam Liner in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has affordable dam liners in Kenya. We have a 0.5mm Dam Liner in Kenya for KES 240 per square meter.

Features of 0.5 mm affordable dam Liners in Kenya

  1. The material of 0.5 mm dam liner is UV treated High density Polythene (HDPE). The HDPE material is resistant to UV radiation and extremely harsh conditions.
  2. Available in black shiny colour. Black colour enhances the dam liner to absorb heat and warm the water. The warming effect is good for fish and pool users. It can also enhance pressure reduction in water to prevent the dam from breaking.
  3. Flexible material to enhance packaging in rolls and sometimes square fold shapes. Flexible dam liners in Kenya enhance ease of transportation and storage.
  4. Slightly less dense, you can pull and fold the dam liner. This makes it good for easier installation in dams, spreading in pools and joining.
  5. 0.5 mm are ideal for smaller or lower coverage projects to ensure it remains strong and operational for a long time.

Which Soil Surface to apply

0.5 mm is almost the lowest thickness level of a dam liner; therefore, a less rough soil surface is recommended. Murram soils are good examples of less rough soil surfaces.

How Long Can it last?

A well-maintained dam liner will last for 10–15 years of good operation. To maintain your dam liner, fence your dam, pond, or project.

Applications of a 0.5 mm Dam Liner in Kenya

  1. Lining of small to medium-sized dams
  2. Fish-ponds. Lining ponds to prevent water loss.
  3. Construction of slabs, sewage systems and septic tanks. A less dense liner would be good since leakage is the only concern in sewage and septic tanks to prevent environmental pollution.

0.5mm Dam Liner Prices in Kenya

We sell our quality dam liners per square meters. That means we can sell a full roll or a custom size as per the size of your dam.
A 0.5 mm dam liner costs KES 240 per square meter.
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