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Bird Net Prices in Kenya

Bird Net Prices in Kenya

Bird net Prices in Kenya varies depending on the size and type of net mesh. Aqua Hub bird has the best bird nets in Kenya. We sell at KES 65/= per meter.

Why are Bird Nets important?

Bird nets are a smart modern way of preventing birds from attacking crops and garden fruits. They offer a surface with mesh that allows air and light to penetrate through. Bird nets are knitted polythene plastic threads that offer a surface which blocks birds and other animals from the plants.
Bird nets are environment-friendly, they do not pollute the environment at all. Similarly, the nets do not harm predator birds as they only keep them away.
Pollination will still occur through wind or rain, but you can remove the net for bird pollination and place it back once flowers dry.

Structure and Features of Bird Nets

  • Standard dimensions of 4 × 50 m.
  • Different colors are available to choose from: black, green, and white.
  • Bird nets are UV treated mesh threads that resist UV radiation. The nets can keep away birds for many years provided you maintain it properly.
  • Strength – Agricultural nets are strong and can resist tears and damage from large birds, hail, or wind.
  • Mesh levels – Enhanced spaces that do not allow birds to penetrate. Different mesh levels are available for different crop types.

Applications of Bird Nets

  1. Protection of Garden Crops from birds – birds feed on fruits, seeds and young leaves of different crops resulting in lower yield. Bird nets can completely prevent birds from feeding on crops.
  2. Keeping birds away from garden fruits and vegetables e.g., strawberry – Draping bird nets over fruits and vegetable can lower the chance of birds feeding on the fruits. Moreover, the risk of spread of disease and rotting of fruits is low.
  3. Protection of buildings and houses. Birds often build nests on house roof ceilings, car parks and buildings. Some birds such as owls, eagles, and vultures are harmful, and we need to keep them away. Bird nets can cover ventilation spaces, to block any space that may let in birds.
  4. Fencing fish ponds and reservoirs. Bird nets can work as primary protection for fish from predator birds in shallow ponds.

Bird Net Prices in Kenya

The cost of bird nets is KES 65/= per square meter.

Where to Purchase Bird Nets in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is the supplier of Agricultural Nets: Insect Nets and bird nets in Kenya. Our nets are high quality UV HDPE materials.

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