Greenhouse Materials in Kenya : Quality Products

Greenhouse Materials in Kenya

Aqua Hub’s quality greenhouse materials in Kenya are available at affordable prices to all aspiring greenhouse farmers in Kenya.

Specifications of Greenhouse Materials in Kenya

  • Polythene Cover – Available in white and yellow colors. UV treated 200 microns thickness size
  • Profiles – Made of steel metals. Available in 4 Meters length.
  • Wires – for interlocking greenhouse polythene paper into the greenhouse fabrication. Wires are 2 M long in length
  • Gutters – Steel or aluminium metals. Plastic

Aqua Hub’s Greenhouse Materials in Kenya

All the necessary and important materials for the construction of greenhouses in Kenya include.

Greenhouse polythene cover

Plastic greenhouse polythene cover is a primary material for housing the greenhouse structure. Comes in 200 – 300 mm thickness sizes, ideal for enhancing the optimal growing environment needed for crop development.

Pillars and Support Structures

Consists of either wood, steel, aluminum or iron metals. Steel metal poles are the most preferable due to their non-corrosive and strong nature.

Foundation and Floor Reinforcement

The pillars are erected and reinforced with cement to ensure they remain firm for the greenhouse to remain strong for a lifetime.


Forms the tunnel or U – shaped design on the roof side. Arches are attached to steel metal pillars using tapping screws.

Steel or metallic materials are applied to the top of metallic greenhouses to ensure stronger anchorage of the greenhouse polythene cover.

Greenhouse Materials in Kenya

Crop Support wires

Consists of support threads and wires in some greenhouses for supporting twining crops such as French beans and cucumber.


Gutters are for collecting rainwater from the roofs of greenhouse structures. Fitting gutters on a greenhouse enhances water collection for use in irrigation or fertilizer applications. Gutters also prevent water from eroding the soil and weakening the poles of the greenhouse on the outside area.

How to Choose Greenhouse Materials in Kenya

Climate: When choosing a greenhouse polythene material, emphasize the climate of the area to ensure it works best in any conditions.

Crops grown; For cold areas, you may need to use thicker polythene covers to enhance optimal temperature for cultivation.

Cost: Consider affordable prices to enhance cost reduction. We deal in quality and affordable greenhouse materials.

Alternatives for Greenhouse Polythene Covers

  • Polycarbonate films – plastic material made from polycarbonate material which made of rigid plastics
  • Glass: glass patterned glass.

The Benefit of Greenhouses in Farming

Greenhouse farming is a fast-growing farming venture that presents high profitability in the production of short-season crops. With greenhouses, you can harvest vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicum, and cucumbers for a very long time.

These structures provide a good growing condition therefore lowering the cost of production. With greenhouse farming, you utilize water by using smart irrigation techniques, save on pesticides and reduce labor needs.

Cost of Greenhouse Materials in Kenya

Greenhouse Polythene Films – Costs KES 110 per square meter.

Our Structures and greenhouse materials in Kenya price range of KES 100,000 to KES 1,000,000 depending on the size you want. The price is inclusive of all the materials needed for a complete functional greenhouse.

The items that are not included are cement, sand, ballast and transportation costs.

Benefit from Our Experience: We are Experts in Greenhouse Construction

Do you need a proper growing environment to enhance the cultivation of vegetables and fruits? We are the answer to your greenhouse needs, with experience in the installation of various designs of wooden and metallic structures.

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