Greenhouse Installation in Kenya

Greenhouse Installation

Greenhouse installation involves the setup and connection of greenhouse structures to form an optimal growing environment. Such an environment meets the required temperature, moisture, and humidity levels for maximum growth and production of vegetables and fruits.

The Masters of Greenhouse Installation in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya specializes in the expert installation of wooden and metallic greenhouses in Kenya. We are the best and most popular greenhouse installation experts capable of designing quality and long-lasting structures.

Greenhouse Installation

Sizes and Structures We Recommend for Greenhouse Installation

Both wooden and metallic greenhouses are best for conducting Greenhouse farming. The difference is that metallic structures last longer than wooden ones due to strong non-corrosive steel structure.

Sizes of greenhouses can be of any possible extent depending on the projected farm size. Certain greenhouse dimensions have been proven to work for most farmers new to greenhouse farming. Remember, the cost of installation and production is the concern factor to make sure you can manage and gain profitability.

Why Should I Install a Greenhouse?

Greenhouse farming has all the reasons to plan, acquire materials, and install an ideal structure for growing your crops. The Kenyan Climate has been inconsistent for the past 5 years with longer periods of drought and heavy rainfall in a short time. Therefore, farmers have delved into protected greenhouse and shade net farming to reduce water needs and optimize production. The greenhouse environment provides the right temperature and adequate water at each plant level. In the end, you can save more on production costs and yield quality and higher produce.

Checklist for Greenhouse Construction

It involves all the items required for greenhouse installation including tools for use and additional things such as permits.

The materials for constructing greenhouses vary as per the type; wooden and metallic structures.

For Wooden Greenhouse Types;

  • Wooden Poles
  • Greenhouse polythene cover
  • Ventilation net (shade net or insect net)
  • Nails
  • Water Tank and Stand

Metallic Greenhouses;

  • Steel metal profiles
  • Greenhouse cover (polythene)
  • Insect or shade net
  • Profiles and bars
  • Wiggle wires to hold the net.
  • Tapping Screws.

The client in need of greenhouse installation needs to provide additional things such as water tanks, transport costs and cater for soil tests.

Tests for soil PH and suitability should be done by agronomists before construction to ensure the right crops are chosen.

Irrigation Method for Greenhouses

Greenhouse farming utilizes irrigation to match adequate water needs for a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Drip irrigation is the most ideal method to apply in greenhouse farming because it has water conservation benefits.

Installation of drip irrigation requires the connection of drip kits and pipes from the water source to the greenhouse structure.

Choosing Between Drip irrigation and Sprinklers for Greenhouse farming

Both drip irrigation and micro sprinkler systems can be effective for use in greenhouse farming. Depending on the type of crops you are specializing in, you both can work.

Drip irrigation is good for delicate high-value crops such as tomatoes. The reason is due to tomatoes tend to be affected by fungal infections and fruit rots.

Greenhouse Installation
Misters and foggers can be ideal for cooling hot temperatures in greenhouse environments.

Greenhouse Installation

Cost of Greenhouse Installation in Kenya

The costs of installing greenhouses in Kenya is much more affordable with our flexible prices of common greenhouse sizes.

The cost can also be different for wooden and metallic greenhouses. Look at the table below;

Type Greenhouse Size Installation Cost
  • 8 x 15 m
  • 8 x 24 m
  • 8 x 30 m
  • 16 x 30 m
  • 165,000
  • 180,000
  • 240,000
  • 390,000
  • 8 x 15 m
  • 8 x 24 m
  • 8 x 30 m
  • 16 x 30 m
  • 240,000
  • 270,000
  • 365,000
  • 700,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a low cost greenhouse in Kenya?
How much does it cost to put together a greenhouse?
What materials can be used to construct a greenhouse?
  • Polythene cover
  • Steel profiles and bars
  • Wooden poles
  • Nails or tapping screws
  • Ventilation nets

Which Greenhouse type is ideal for farming in Kenya?

Metallic greenhouse are more effective since they are durable compared to wooden ones.

Where Can I Buy Quality affordable Greenhouses in Kenya?

Aqua Hub Kenya