Greenhouse in Kenya

Constructing Greenhouses in Kenya

Constructing Greenhouses in Kenya

Greenhouse farming presents a high-income-generating venture in the field of agriculture. However, just like any other business, challenges are available and potential can be reached only when precautions are adhered to. Constructing greenhouses in Kenya is done by Aqua Hub Kenya, a reliable greenhouse Company.

Demand for Greenhouses in Kenya

Greenhouse cultivation is the best way to handle drought challenges and land scarcity which lowers production rates. Due to the ability to exercise effective irrigation water conservation is possible.

There is currently a high demand for greenhouses in Kenya as people are shifting to better methods of growing. Everyone wishes to experience high production with less effort and less space available.

Greenhouses Construction by Aqua Hub

Constructing Greenhouses in Kenya

Our technically built greenhouses are suitable for providing better conditions for growing a variety of crops.

There are several options of greenhouses you can decide to construct as per the demands of your crops. Whether wooden or metallic greenhouses, you can obtain an effective structure that will help achieve your production target.

Constructing greenhouses in Kenya requires wooden structures or galvanized steel materials. To make the structure conducive, a greenhouse polythene is ideal for external covering.

The cover is an excellent light transmission material, with a thickness of about 200 microns. It also insulates and retains to make the environment hot and conducive for plants.

What Makes Greenhouses Good Growing Structures

  • Season-to-season growing as the climate conditions remain optimal for growing after harvesting.
  • A wide range of crops do mature well in greenhouses. From vegetables to short-grafted fruits, you can choose several high-value crops to farm.
  • The greenhouse environments are protected from unfavorable weather conditions.
  • External distractions such as animals and human activities are prevented
  • Several options that match the size of your farm are available. We offer standard and custom sizes.
  • There is no restriction to the design or type of greenhouse you can choose. The design matches your region as per the type.
  • Constructing greenhouses in Kenya are in a way that reduces the effect of carbon gas emissions to the environment.
  • Weed and Pest control makes greenhouses more preferable compared to garden farming.
  • The price range meets the needs of low-cost or beginners as they can choose smaller sizes.

What Components for Constructing Greenhouses in Kenya

These are greenhouse construction materials that should be ready to build the structure to completion.

Materials for constructing greenhouses in Kenya are; wooden poles, steel or galvanized steel profiles, tapping screws or nails, and polythene covers.

Other materials that are also necessary include shade or insect nets, drip kits for irrigation and twining ropes.

Depending on the temperature and crop type, misting kits can be required to cool down the heat.

Steps for Constructing Greenhouses in Kenya

Before you decide to construct a greenhouse, set up a good area; flat and well-drained.

Make the area ready for the construction of the greenhouse and cultivate the area to make it easier once the structure is ready.

Prepare for a site visit, for our team to ascertain that the area is suitable for greenhouse development. We also need to take measurements of the area to calculate the size of the greenhouse you need.

Then the acquisition of the materials needed follows. Aqua Hub provides you with the necessary materials for the installation of the greenhouse at a friendly cost.

Conduct the actual installation of the greenhouse. Through our expert technicians, we are ready to build you a good structure.

After Constructing greenhouses is complete, you can install a drip irrigation system.

Start propagating seedlings of the crops you want to grow.

Constructing Greenhouses in Kenya

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