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Greenhouse Kenya Company

Greenhouse Kenya Company

Greenhouse Kenya Company | Setting up a Greenhouse has been a major challenge for most farmers in Kenya due to the poor choice of structures and lack of proper knowledge and awareness to farmers concerning the construction and maintenance of Greenhouses.
Aqua Hub Kenya is the best greenhouse construction Company in the Country. We boast a highly skilled technicians and Employees who are highly trained and equipped to advise and offer installation Services to Customers.

Affordable Metallic Greenhouses in Kenya

Requirements to construct a greenhouse in Kenya

  • Greenhouse Covers ( Greenhouse Polythene 200 microns-Yellow & Milky white)
  • Profiles & Wiggle wires ( For holding the polythene to the structure)
  • Metal bars or Wooden poles for the structure
  • Insect Nettings or Shade Nets for ventilations and control of insect entry
  • Tank and Tank Stand
  • Filtration Unit ( Screen Filter or Disc Filter)
  • Tank Connection
  • Drip Kits ( Drip Lines and assorted fittings)

Our Greenhouse Kit comes with the following

  • Greenhouse Structure Complete with polythene & Nettings ( Wooden or metallic)
  • Drip Kit ( Drip Lines and Drip Fittings…. Start Connectors , rubbers, end caps)
  • Tank Connection ( Client to avail the tank and tank stand)
  • Seedling trays for germination ( To the limit of the greenhouse)
  • Coco peat to the limit of seedling trays
  • A copy of production manual
  • Agronomic visits twice a year
  • Soil testing

Greenhouse Construction & Greenhouse Technicians 

Affordable wooden Greenhouses in Kenya

Our greenhouses are designed in two types, either flat arched or tunnel shaped greenhouses. We design your greenhouse according to the choice of crop planted, greenhouse size and crop spacing.

There are two types of greenhouses recommended by Aqua Hub Kenya: wooden and metallic greenhouses. We mainly deal in Metallic greenhouse installation, as wooden greenhouses are less recommended since they do not last for a long time. We sell metallic greenhouse materials which include greenhouse covers, profile bars, wiggle wires, side shade nets and irrigation pipes.

What You Need to Know before buying a greenhouse

Before purchasing Greenhouse, materials, and settling on the type of greenhouse to build, you must know the measurements of greenhouses available, costs and determinant factors to consider.

The area should be determined to ensure it is suitable for setting up a greenhouse. The conditions an area should meet for greenhouse suitability are:

  • Climatic conditions – The areas should be warm to prevent humidity as it affects plant flowering.
  • Topography – The land should be flat to enhance stability of the greenhouse.
  • Market – The market should be nearly or readily available.
  • Water – Water for irrigation should be considered if available.

How long does greenhouse last?

Metallic greenhouses are more effective and durable than wooden greenhouses. When properly built, they can last for more than 50 years.
However, wooden greenhouses can also be tailored to last long by applying anti-termite repellent oil on wooden posts to prevent damage by termites. They can also be treated and dried to ensure they do not decay easily.

Greenhouse Kenya Company

Affordable Greenhouses by Aqua Hub Kenya | Greenhouse prices in Kenya

Type of Greenhouse  Size in Square meters Cost in (KES.
8 metres x 15 metres KES. 165,000
Wooden Greenhouse 8 metres x 24 metres KES. 180,000
8 metres x 30 metres KES. 240,000
16 metres x 30 metres ( with Gutter) KES. 360,000
8 metres x 15 metres KES. 200,000
Metallic Greenhouse 8 metres x 24 metres KES. 270,000
8 metres x 30 metres KES. 340,000
16 metres x 30 metres ( with Gutter) KES. 650,000

Greenhouse Suppliers in Kenya

Aqua Hub is doing a great job in securing the future of the country with a good measure of food security and a sustainable economy. We have 100 percent successful projects of greenhouse installation completed since the start of our Company.
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