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HOW MUCH DOES A SMALL GREENHOUSE COST IN KENYA? |Small greenhouses in Kenyan market ranges from Ksh. 99,000 to Ksh 450,000 by Aqua Hub Kenya. The farmer has to answer this question, is it a wooden greenhouse or metallic greenhouse? Aqua Hub Kenya offers both greenhouse solutions with the modern and affordable greenhouse farming solutions.

2 Best GREENHOUSE DESIGNS commonly used in Kenya.

There are two types of greenhouses in Kenyan market. Tunnel and Vent. Tunnel greenhouses only applies to metallic greenhouses which can be galvanized to non galvanized whereas, for Vent greenhouse, it applies to both metallic and Wooden greenhouses.

We shall discuss the two options for you in the below paragraphs.

Reviews on Wooden and Metallic Greenhouse : Materials needed and their Costs

We have simply made a review for farmers who are stucked in choosing between the wooden and metallic greenhouses. There are some factors that will determine the type of greenhouse to build, they are as follows;

  1. Cost: This refers to cost of construction and maintenance
  2. The type of crops to grow
  3. The location of the greenhouse

Brief information about Wooden Greenhouses in Kenya

When farmers keep on asking this question, HOW MUCH DOES A SMALL GREENHOUSE COST IN KENYA? We prefer giving them information first rather than rushing to say the cost . Wooden greenhouses are simple and easy to construct. The above discussed factors has to be put in priority before doing the actual construction, in this” Wooden Greenhouse Installation Guide” we shall discuss the materials used and how to connect the drip kits. Then we shade the light on their prices and where to source them.

Wooden Greenhouse in Kenya

Wooden Greenhouse Materials and their Prices 

  • Wooden structure: Which is made of round poles and in other cases treated poles at an extra cost
  • We use UV treated, 200 microns greenhouse polythene sheets
  • UV Treated anti insect nets for ventilations
  • Tank Connection and Drip Kits: Which shall be discussed Later in this article.

Wooden Greenhouse cost and Size in Kenya

Most farmers ask these questions : How much does it cost to set up a greenhouse ? We have broken the cost for you in the table below:

Greenhouse Size in Meters  Number of Crops Cost in KES
8 × 15 m 600 KES 165,000
8 × 24 m 800 KES 189,000
8 × 30 m 1,200 KES 220,000
8 × 45 m 1,500 KES 330,000
16 × 30 m 2,000 KES 450,000

We can tailor made your greenhouse needs to suit the requirements.

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Metallic Greenhouse cost and Size in Kenya

For durability of the greenhouse structure, Metallic greenhouse is the best option. Actually, the structure and durability is the only difference between the wooden and metallic version.

Greenhouse Size  Number of Crops  Cost in KES
8 × 15 m 600 KES 189,000
8 × 24 m 800 KES 250,000
8 × 30 m 1,200 KES 350,000
8 × 45 m 1,500 KES 500,000
16 × 30 m 2,000 KES 600,000

10 Steps on how to install Drip Irrigation Kits for Greenhouses

  • Step 1 : Put your tank in an elevated tank stand
  • Step 2 : Drill an exit in your tank and do the necessary tank connection using Tank connector
  • Step 3 : Connect a filtration unit to your system. Make sure you have a control valve to regulate the flow of water from the tank to your greenhouse.
  • Step 4: Lay the main pipe to deliver water to your greenhouse. Make sure again that you have a control valve in the main pipe also to regulate the flow of water to your established greenhouse.
  • Step 5: Use a manual drill or coded drill to make holes in your main pipe. The holes will be connected to the drip lines.
  • Step 6: Connect the rubber washers that will act as anti leaks to your system. NOTE: You must put your rubber correctly to avoid folding
  • Step 7: Connect the drip connectors
  • Step 8: Attach the drip connectors to the drip lines and tighten them to enhance the anti leak
  • Step 9: Close the end of the drip lines using an end stopper connector. This will help in building pressure  on your drip lines.
  • Step 10 Test your Greenhouse Drip Kit system to verify the flow of water in your greenhouse.

We have done a video to describe drip lines connection in Kenya: 

. Aqua Hub, Kenya offers drip irrigation kits for greenhouses and drip irrigation kits for open field irrigation systems.

 Summary of the Materials needed for Greenhouse Drip Kits by Aqua Hub Kenya

Our greenhouse drip kits have the following items ;

  • Tank or Other water storage techniques (Dam Liners)
  • Tank Connection (HDPE Fittings such as Elbows, Adapters, Tees etc)
  • Irrigation water filters
  • Main Line (HDPE Pipes)
  • Control units (The use of Ball corks)
  • Drip lines (Drip Pipes)
  • Drip Line fittings (Rubber, start connectors, End caps)

Automated Greenhouse Drip Kits in Kenya

We have gone to an extra mile to include technology in our system.  For farmers to monitor their greenhouse remotely, they need to add the following in their package:

  • Sensors (Solenoid Valves)
  • Cabling and Accessories
  • Irrigation Timer
  • Power Source 

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