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Greenhouses in Kenya – Affordable Wooden Frames for Lower Cost

Wooden-Framed Greenhouses in Kenya

Wooden-Framed Greenhouses in Kenya are made of wooden frames and a polythene film cover that permits light inside the greenhouse. Wooden Greenhouse prices are lower than those for metallic greenhouses.

The need for Wooden Greenhouses in Kenya

The idea of using wooden frames is to lower the cost of acquiring and constructing the greenhouse. Wood is cheap and readily available in most places in Kenya.
Apparently, most farmers are way below the par when it comes to adopting greenhouse farming because of high start up costs. Aqua Hub Kenya deals with wooden framed greenhouses that are affordable and feasible to all clients.

Wooden-Framed Greenhouses in Kenya

How do our Wooden framed Greenhouses work?

Wooden framed greenhouses consist of wooden poles, polythene covers, nails and insect nets.
The wooden frames attached with nails form the skeleton wooden structure.

A polythene cover on the entire structure protects plants from harmful sunlight. The material allows light to pass through and being a plastic film, it prevents heat from escaping.

Shade nets are used on the ventilation to allow air and temperature regulation. Temperature remains constant at optimal rates with minimal deviations from the required ranges.
Water does not pass through the polythene sheet and therefore, irrigation systems are required to supply water to crops.

Which type of Irrigation System?

Drip irrigation enhances the right amount of water to reach crops and lower cooling effect on the soil warmth.

How Long Can Wooden Framed Greenhouses last?

We assure you of more than 5 productive seasons with our wooden structures. However, this will all depend on your caretaker steps and approaches in maintaining the greenhouse.

Which type of Timber for Frames?

Any type of timber is good for building greenhouses so long as it is heavy and strong enough to last for a long time. However, the best and hardest timber comes from hardwood species such as Elgon teak, mahogany, and cedar trees.

Which Quality of Timber should I use?

You don’t have to use perfect or quality timber for greenhouse frames. Poles, tree trunks, and branches can do the job so long as they are long and strong enough to form the structure. Moreover, the poles need to be thick and heavy enough to resist breaking and decay.

Wooden Framed Greenhouse crops

Aqua hub LTD’s consultation team recommends a variety of ideal crops to grow in your wooden framed greenhouses.
Greenhouses are good for plants that love high temperatures for growth. Such plants are prone to pests, rats and rotting of fruits and leaves caused by heavy rains.
They include;

  •  Tomato
  • Cucumbers
  • Capsicum
  • Strawberry
  • Flowers
  • French beans

How to enhance durability of Wooden-Framed Greenhouses in Kenya?

Timber decays over time and sometimes requires regular replacement and repair which can be costly. Treating timber to prevent decay and water absorption is a solution.
Treating timber is done in various ways:

  • Applying paint to make it waterproof.
  • Spraying acetylene wood preservatives
  • Immersing wood in creosote or light solvent preservative.
  • Copper plating

Prices of Wooden-Framed Greenhouses in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya offers cheap and affordable dimensions of Wooden-framed greenhouses. They cost between KES. 165,000 t0 390,000.

Greenhouse Dimension (meters) Price (KSH)
8mx15m KES. 165,000
8mx24m KES. 180,000
8mx30m KES. 240,000
16mx30m KES. 390,000

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