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Shade Nets for Sale in Kenya

Shade nets for Sale in Kenya

Shade Nets for Sale in Kenya | Shade nets are designed to allow penetration of Sunlight at different rates. Aqua Hub Kenya has shade nets with sun penetration levels of 35%, 55%,75% and 90%.

This means that for example, 35% shade nets only allow 65% percent of sunlight to penetrate while 90% shade nets allow only 10% sunlight to penetrate.

Shade nets for Sale in Kenya

Choosing the Right Shade Net

The choice of shade nets will be established by the plant grown and the period/stage of growth of the plant.

There are two types of shade nets:

  • Woven – Woven shade nets are 100 percent UV resistant heavy materials. They have small air spaces
  • Knitted shade nets – knitted shade nets are light and have large air spaces.

Why Shade nets are Important

Nets protect plants from extreme heat, cold and strong winds that may damage the leaves flowers or stems of plants.

Some plants such as tomatoes need a lot of water for maximum yield and flowering hence the need to use shade nets to prevent excessive water loss from the soil.

Shade nets for Sale in Kenya

Uses Of Shade Nets

  • Shade nets are important in providing shelter to plants to reduce the impact of ultraviolet radiation and harsh climatic conditions.
  •  Shade nets are useful in greenhouses as wall-shields to prevent insects and humidity from damaging crops.
  • Shade nets are applicable in seedbeds and tree nurseries to protect growing seedlings.
  • Shade nets can also function in Solar dryers to allow sunlight and aeration for drying of crops.
  •  Shade nets act as ventilators for aeration in warehouses.

Features of Shade nets

  • Shade nets are made of UV treated plastics.
  • Shade nets are normally black or green.
  • Shade nets are available in rectangular dimensions of 4 m length by 50 m width.

Cost of Shade nets in Kenya

Shade Net/Filtration Size per Square (M) Price (KES)
35% 4 * 50  KES. 15,000
55% 4 * 50 KES. 18,000
75% 4 * 50 KES. 24,000
90% 4 * 50 KES. 36,000

Where to Purchase Shade Nets in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has the most affordable and quality shade nets.
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